Biogas Research Center is a center of excellence in biogas research funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Linköping University and a number of external organizations with one-third each. Funding has been secured for the first two years of a concentrated effort that should last at least ten years.

BRC has a very broad interdisciplinary approach, bringing together biogas-related skills from several areas to create interaction on many levels –
• between industry, academia and society
• between different disciplines and areas of expertise.

Tema T’s contribution to the centre focuses on user perspectives and future expectations concerning biogas in a regional context. The main goal is to explore the contexts, barriers and driving forces for biogas development in Swedish regions. Further, the goal is to explore how biogas can develop in regions under specific national/global socio-economic and political conditions. Another goal is to investigate the processes and conditions of building new regional institutions and networks for biogas.

Biogas Research Center