The Higher Education Ordinance specifies that admission to research education is granted to applicants who satisfy both the general and the specific entry requirements for the subject, and who have the capacity to successfully complete the education.

General entry requirements

 The general entry requirements are satisfied by applicants who have at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 must be at advanced level, and by those who have equivalent knowledge in the principal topic of the research education acquired in Sweden or abroad.

An exemption from the general entry requirements can be granted in special circumstances. Specific entry requirements are stated in the study plan for the relevant field of research education. 

Employment as a doctoral student

An applicant who satisfies the general and specific entry requirements and who has been assessed to be most suitable of the applicants for the employment is to be offered the post. The employment is for a fixed term, and can be valid until either a licentiate degree (120 credits) or a doctoral degree (240 credits) has been gained.

Employment as a doctoral student may include a maximum of 20% departmental work (such as teaching): the remaining time should be devoted to research education. Research education may be offered to people who are employed elsewhere (known as “industry-based doctoral studies” or “profession-based doctoral studies”). In this case, the education is usually part-time.


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