Along with submitting an online application, you must submit a number of supporting documents that show that you meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Required documentation for all applicants with international merits

In order to complete your application, you must submit the following documents after submitting your online application for programme(s) at University Admissions. Please do not submit documents that are not listed here.

1. Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas from previous studies at an internationally recognised higher education institution (university or university college). If you are a student in your final bachelor year and do not have your degree yet, you need to supply a certificate of ongoing studies.

2. Transcripts

Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each term. If the content and focus of your courses are not listed on the transcript or not clearly conveyed in the course titles, please provide relevant course syllabuses issued by your university.

3. Supporting documents for proficiency in English

If English is not your first language, include proof of English language skills.

4. Supporting documents for specific entry requirements

Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements. This may include items such as syllabus. Some programmes, for instance MSc in Design, may require additional steps for special selection such as work samples or individual tasks. Check the web page of your chosen programme to find specific admission requirements.

5. Copy of passport

A copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph, or another identification document where your citizenship is stated (not applicable when using a Swedish personal identity number).

Please note: If you are from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you are required to document your citizenship status in order to be considered exempt from paying application and tuition fees.

Read more about required documentation at

Official documentation

Please note that applications not supported by officially certified documents will not be processed.

If you submit documents via regular post, all copies of original documents must be certified as true copies of the original. This means that they must be stamped and signed by the issuing institution, or a notary public, or equivalent. If you submit documents that are not certified, your application will not be processed.

Any documents that you scan for upload to your account at University Admissions must be original documents. If the document is in colour, scan it in colour. Remember to include all pages of documents that contain any type of text/writing, even including back pages. Make sure that everything in the document is visible on the scan, especially embossed stamps.

Additional instructions on uploading documents can be found on University Admissions.

Applicants with merits from Swedish university studies

Academic merits from previous studies at a Swedish university registered in Ladok (the electronic student registry) are already available on your University Admissions account for evaluation. Therefore, if you apply on the basis of such merits, you are not required to upload or submit hard copies or diplomas, or transcripts of completed courses and grades.

Important! In order for your information to be transferred from Ladok to your University Admissions account and application, you must have the same personal identity number (personnummer) in both accounts. If the username on your account at is an e-mail address, this must be updated to the personal identity number listed in Ladok. Find out more on how to change your account information.

Bachelor's degree
Applicants with a bachelor's degree from an international university must submit their documents as described above.

Students in their final year
If you are in your last year of studies at Linköping University, you do not need to submit documentation of your enrolment. 

Proof of English language skills 
If you have English B/6 from upper secondary studies: log on to your account on to see whether the merit has been registered electronically. If not, upload or post the course and grade list from your upper secondary studies.

Fee status
The fee status of applicants with a Swedish personal identity number will be checked electronically. (Note that having a Swedish personal identity number in itself is not sufficient ground for exemption from tuition fees).


Submitting your documents

There are two ways to submit your documents to University Admissions - you can either scan and upload them to your account, or send certified copies via regular post. For some countries, only the postal method can be used.

See more information about uploading your documents here

Check if there is country-specific information regarding your documentation 

It is very important that you follow the instructions given at University Admissions in order for your documents to be accepted.

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