The integration of economics, maths, physics, jurisprudence and language is unique to Linköping University.

Our teaching methods are unique in Sweden in that we base our language courses on the knowledge of the subject that students obtain within other courses of the educational programme, such as courses in economics, jurisprudence or technology. You learn to apply the relevant language within these courses. In this way, teaching in language for specific purpose provides added value to your education and international credibility that few other programmes offer.


Details of all courses in language for specific purpose – English are given below:

Commercial and Business Law targeted on European Law

711G14 English for Students of Law

Master of Science in Engineering

THEN18 English THEN09 Advanced English

Exchange students

711G14 English for Students of Law
THEN92 Written English Communication for Exchange Students
THEN93 Communicate in English for Exchange Students

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

THIU01 English, 4 credits

International Master’s students

THEN24 Communication, Ethics and Sustainable Development, 6 credits

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