Business Administration (FEK)

Business Administration is a division at the department of Management and Engineering. The division offers education on undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels, and is an active research environment.

The division Business Administration is divided into three units:

  • The unit for Marketing
  • The unit for Strategy and Organization
  • The unit for Accounting, Auditing and Finance


24 April 2024


We educate business and management students who have proven to be highly attractive in the job market, with a good reputation both in terms of knowledge and competence, ambition, and social skills. We offer education through our two business administration programs (one of them with language specializations), our single-subject courses, and our international masters- and bachelor programs. The education offers a dynamic and international study environment, with a large offer of courses taught in English for incoming students, and a large network of partner universities all over the world where our students can go for studies abroad. 


Single-subject courses

Business Administration 1, 30 credits


Business Administration 2, 30 credits


Business Administration 3 - Marketing Management, 30 credits

This course consists of three parts. The first part, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 7,5 ECTS credits, centers on the processes and activities consumers engage in when acting on today’s markets. The second part, Service Management and Marketing 7...


The division has an active and dynamic research environment, with research that spans over the complex and multifaceted subject business administration. The research at the division contributes within mainly four areas:

  • Accounting, auditing and finance;
  • Marketing and innovation;
  • Management control, knowledge and projects;
  • Entrepreneurial organization and entrepreneurship. 

Apart from this, several of our researchers contribute in interdisciplinary research projects and research programs both within LiU and in collaboration with other Swedish and international universities.

A person in black hoodie with the binary code in background.

Corporate digital responsibility - Managing cyberattacks in Swedish companies (CODIRES)

The project wants to understand the social construction and organisation of digital responsibility of digitally active companies.

Agtech Sweden logo and blue colour

Agtech Sweden

Agtech Sweden aims to build up an innovation environment and activate a mobilisation aiming for tomorrow's agriculture.

Forskning inom respons- och räddningssystem

Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER)

A collaboration between LiU and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency which aims to consolidate and strengthen LiU's research in risk, response and rescue area.



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Elisabeth Sundin, Magdalena Elmersjö (2024) Trust: not just another idea that travels? Translation and adaption of trust in local eldercare An ecology of ideas permeating science, higher education, and society: Essays for Kerstin Sahlin, p. 243-254
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He guides his students to top jobs

LiU students are doing well in the Swedish CFA Research Challenge. Year after year, victory goes to Linköping University. Winning the competition is a shortcut to top jobs with major banks and accounting firms. What is the secret to this success?

9.5 million for research on service innovations

LiU have received 9.5 million SEK from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. The research grant will be used to examine how companies can utilise digital technology and data to create new and useful services

Autumn at the Campus Valla and bikes.

Research at IEI holds a high standard

Stanford University has recently released an updated list of the top two percent most cited researchers globally, and it is gratifying to note that once again, several distinguished researchers from IEI are represented on the list.

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