Business Administration (FEK)

Business Administration is a division at the department of Management and Engineering. The division offers education on undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels, and is an active research environment.

Education in business administration

We educate business and management students who have proven to be highly attractive in the job market, with a good reputation both in terms of knowledge and competence, ambition, and social skills. We offer education through our two business administration programs (one of them with language specializations), our single-subject courses, and our international masters- and bachelor programs. The education offers a dynamic and international study environment, with a large offer of courses taught in English for incoming students, and a large network of partner universities all over the world where our students can go for studies abroad. 

Research in business administration

The division has an active and dynamic research environment, with research that spans over the complex and multifaceted subject business administration. The research at the division contributes within mainly four areas: Accounting, auditing and finance; Marketing and innovation; Management control, knowledge and projects; Entrepreneurial organization and entrepreneurship. 

Apart from this, several of our researchers contribute in interdisciplinary research projects and research programs both within LiU and in collaboration with other Swedish and international universities.


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