Language for specific purpose (SPRÅK)

Language for Specific Purpose offers courses in French, German, Spanish, English, Japanese and Chinese as components of programmes in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Language – a key to international expertise

The world we live in is multicultural and global. In order for our students to be able to collaborate, conduct international business, communicate, read foreign newspapers, understand the behaviour and mindset of partners, and feel comfortable in commercial negotiations, they must be familiar with the culture of the country, in particular its business culture. This is why our students learn, for example, how to present the accounts for a company in Spain, how product development is conducted in Germany, which legal form is most suitable for a subsidiary in France, etc. They also learn how to prepare and present material both orally and in written form for a foreign target group.

We help you meet your international ambitions

Our aim with the unique combination of communication skills, intercultural expertise and knowledge of the subject that we work with at Language for Specific Purpose at Linköping University is to give our students the tools they need for successful study, and subsequently to work and do business abroad.


It is our objective that students in their future international work should not only master the language and culture, but also feel at home and comfortable among English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese engineers, financial officers and legal specialists.



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