On 11 May 2016, Tove Törnqvist from the Division of Occupational Therapy at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies
was nominated as Excellent Inspirationalist by Consensus.
"It's easy to see Tove enjoys her work, and that's the most inspiring thing to see in a lecturer,” say the students on the Occupational Therapy programme.

The Division of Occupational Therapy had the following to say:

Tove is motivational, open for new ideas, demonstrates her interests and shows understanding. She has a ready smile, inspires curiosity among us and makes us as students think one step ahead. Her interest in developing occupational therapy and her willingness to learn new things is reflected in the enthusiasm of her students. "It's easy to see Tove enjoys her work, and that's the most inspiring thing to see in a lecturer." Because her students feel supported and inspired by her, Tove is an excellent inspirationalist.

Tove TörnqvistPhoto credit: David EinarTove Törnqvist is a university lecturer in the Occupational Therapy programme and teaches in terms 1 and 3 in the courses "Human Activity", “Human Capacity for Activity – intervention, evaluation” and “Occupational Therapy Practice – intervention, evaluation".

Tove tutors base groups and students writing theses. She works with inter-professional operations and lectures in problem-based learning (PBL), profound knowledge and pedagogical processes within occupational therapy.

The Excellent Inspirationalist award was introduced by Consensus and the departments at the Faculty of Medicine with the aim of rewarding people from the respective programmes who inspire students in various ways. The award is presented by the departments and award recipients are selected by the department boards concerned.


Text: Linda Fredrikson, 13 May 2016