Photo of Tove Törnqvist

Tove Törnqvist

Assistant Professor

Both within research and teaching my interests are related to interprofessional education and collaboration. Previously, I have also been teaching at the Occupational Therapy program.


My research focus on how students learn and act within different interprofessional practice settings.

I am doing ethnographic observational studies including students as well as patients, relatives and supervisors.

My teaching includes being course coordinator for the first interprofessional module at the medical faculty. First-year students from the Biomedical Laboratory Science, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Pathology programs participate. It is a 6 week long module where the students work together in interprofessional groups according to the process of problem-based learning (PBL). Previously, I was teaching at the Occupational Therapy program, mainly as a supervisor in PBL-tutorials but also as a lecturer in pedagogy.



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