Focus on: Climate

The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly clear, and research shows that dramatic measures are needed to reverse its detrimental effects.
Researchers from Linköping University participated in COP27, the UN climate change conference at which world-leaders, researchers and organisations gather to discuss problems and negotiate solutions. LiU carries out extensive research in sustainable development, with renowned research groups in fields such as climate science and climate policy.

Researchers on COP27

Episode guests Stephen Woroniecki and Malaika Mikaelsson is looking into the camera.

Pod: The question of loss and damage

After intense negotiations at COP27, an agreement that established a funding mechanism to compensate vulnerable nations for ‘loss and damage’ from climate-induced disasters was reached. Listen to LiU researchers Stephen Woroniecki and Malaika Mikaelsson in Temapodden.

The question of loss and damage

Climate research news

He leads the world’s first researcher network for climate change denialism

Meet Martin Hultman

Knowledge about climate change is not enough to stop global warming. Decision-makers who say one thing and do something else may be part of the explanation. Martin Hultman, docent at Chalmers University of Technology and one of LiU’s Alumni of the Year 2021, leads the world’s first researcher network for the study of climate change denialism.

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The CSPR centre studies sustainability transformations