In the field of educational sciences, research on education and learning is conducted in close collaboration with undergraduate studies. It looks at learning and teaching among children, young people and adults and involves all forms of schooling from preschool to university studies, but also pedagogical activities outside the education system. The area includes both interdisciplinary and single discipline-research.

Research areas

Elever som använder tablett ihoop. Samspel kring elever och lärande.

The interplay of pupils and learning

Among other things, research into this field at LiU investigates how teachers handle different disturbances in the classroom, and how teacher education students can learn to manage provocations.

Lärare i klassrum. Lärarutbildning

Teacher education

How teachers create pedagogical relationships with the pupils and how they use these to motivate the pupils to learn one focal point of the rearch into teacher education  at LiU.

Ensamt barn på lekplats. Forskningsområdet Mobbning.


At Linköping University the primary research on bullying focuses on social processes, peer culture and interaction patterns, as well as on children and young persons' stories and perspectives.