“Everybody’s talking about AI, but not many people really understand what it’s about. ”, says Fredrik Heintz, one of Sweden’s leading AI researchers.

Biträdande professor Fredrik Heintz Photo credit Anna Nilsen

Fredrik Heintz is one of Sweden’s leading AI researchers. He is also extremely active in spreading knowledge about artificial intelligence to the general public, where one of his initiatives is his introductory course in AI: “Grunderna i AI”. 
“Everybody’s talking about AI, but not many people really understand what it’s about. There’s an obvious knowledge gap. AI already affects large parts of society, and its effects will probably increase”, says Fredrik Heintz.
Examples of the application of AI that are already commonplace are voice control, machine translation, and internet search engines.
“There’s a lot of hype around AI at the moment, so it’s important to have a fundamental understanding of what artificial intelligence is. It’s not a case of understanding all of the details, but having an insight into how the underlying technology affects us. How does machine learning work? How can a computer learn from examples? In order to understand how filter bubbles arise, we should know how algorithm-controlled information flows work.”
For those who want to learn more, and may even be aiming for a career in artificial intelligence, Linköping University offers Sweden’s broadest range of courses in the field.
“We cover the complete range from mathematical and theoretical AI to the combination of hardware and software, and, of course, courses focussed on computer science. Since the students have access to the complete range of courses, they can choose anything that suits them.”
Are there any particular programmes that you recommend for people who want to work in artificial intelligence?
“Right from the start, when Linköping University decided to offer courses and programmes in computer science around 1980, AI was an important part. We have a long and unique tradition.” 
“Our Master’s programme in computer science and software engineering includes AI as part of the core curriculum. I’m convinced that it is one of the best programmes if you want to approach AI from a computer science perspective. Other suitable programmes are the Master’s programmes in computer science & engineering and in applied physics & electrical engineering. But you must remember that our broad offering of courses in AI is available for everyone taking our programmes.”


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