Trustworthy artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and stream reasoning

Dr. Fredrik Heintz is Professor of Computer Science. His research focus is artificial intelligence especially Trustworthy AI, autonomous systems, stream reasoning and the intersection between knowledge representation and machine learning.

He leads the Reasoning and Learning lab within the Division of Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Systems (AIICS) in the Department of Computer Science (IDA). 

Fredrik Heintz is

He is also very active in education activities both at the university level and in promoting AI, computer science and computational thinking in primary, secondary and professional education. 

CV in brief

University degrees and PhD’s

  • Professor, Computer Science, September 2021, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Docent, Computer Science, January 2014. Linköping University, Sweden
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, March 2009. Linköping University, Sweden
  • M.S., Computer Science, April 2000. Linköping University, Sweden

Visiting fellowships and postdoc positions

  • Guest researcher, Dep. of Communication and Media. Aug 2019 – Jun 2020. Lund University.
  • Visiting postdoc to Professor Michael Beetz and the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group. June 2009. Munich Technical University, Germany.

Supervision of students and post-docs

Supervisor postdoc

  • Jose Luis Lima (KAW), 2021-
  • Resmi Ramachandranpillai (ELLIIT), 2021-

Main supervisor PhD Students

  • Daniel de Leng (CUGS), PhD dec 2019
  • Mattias Tiger (WASP), 2015-
  • Fredrik Präntare (WASP), 2017-
  • Johan Källström (WASP/Saab), 2018-
  • David Bergström (KAW), 2020-
  • Md Fahim Sikder (KAW), 2020-
  • Erik Nikko (WASP/Saab), 2020-
  • Dennis Malmgren (WASP/Saab), 2021

Co-supervisor PhD Students

  • Katarina Sperling (LiU/IBL), 2020-
  • Katarzyna Söderlund (WASP-HS/LU), 2020-
  • Kashyap Haresamudram (WASP-HS/LU), 2020-
  • Marie Francisco (LiU/TEMA), 2021-
  • David Landén, Lic 2011

Prizes and Awards

  • Best student paper award to his PhD student Fredrik Präntare for their paper Hybrid Dynamic Programming for Simultaneous Coalition Structure Generation and Assignment, 2020.
  • Prize for outstanding teaching effort, Linköping University, 2019.
  • Best paper award Tunable Dynamics in Agent-Based Simulation using Multi-Objective Rein-forcement Learning at Adaptive and Learning Agents Workshop, 2019.
  • Best student paper award to his PhD student Fredrik Präntare for their paper An Anytime Algo-rithm for Simultaneous Coalition Structure Generation and Assignment, 2018.
  • Best experience reports and tools paper award for Computational Thinking for All - An Experi-ence Report on Scaling up Teaching Computational Thinking to All Students in a Major City in Sweden at the ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), 2018.




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