As of 1 September 2016, Ingrid Hellström will be Head of Research at Närsjukvården in östra Östergötland (NSÖ) – Eastern Östergötland County Local Public Health Services. Ingrid will also be co-opted to the Geriatric Clinic at Vrinnevi Hospital, where she is well known from her participation in the Geriatric Senior's Reception project.

Because her new assignments in Region Östergötland will take up no more than 40 per cent of her working hours, Ingrid will remain at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies where she is assistant professor in the Division of Nursing Science.

Local Public Health Services in Eastern Östergötland County (NSÖ) is one of four units in Region Östergötland responsible for local public health services in the county. NSÖ is responsible for medical, psychiatric, geriatric and palliative care, admissions to healthcare centres and specialist health care, rehabilitation, habilitation, emergency treatment, dependency care and outpatient home nursing.

"The way I see it, the position of Head of Research today will entail my being present as much as possible in the various units and management bodies to promote and stimulate research and development among NSÖ staff in collaboration with Linköping University," says Ingrid.

The assignment will be shaped in collaboration with the directors of local public health services and the heads of operations, mainly the Head of Operations at the Geriatric Clinic.

"The clinical nature of the job is not new to me, but the position as Head of Research at NSÖ is new and thus a challenge," says Ingrid.