The Higher Seminar for Philosophy and Applied Ethics

The Higher Seminar for Philosophy and Applied Ethics is the main platform for presenting research that is currently being undertaken by members of our group or by external guests. The presentations are usually 45-60 minutes long, followed by an extensive Q&A. 

If you are interested in presenting your work at the Higher Seminar, if you want to be notified about the program, or if you want to receive the Zoom-links via email please contact Harald Wiltsche

Anyone interested in philosophical questions is welcome!

Autumn 2021

Below are the dates and times for The Higher Seminar for Philosophy and Applied Ethics here at Linköping University.

September 8, 10-12, The modern business corporation and moral responsibility
Joakim Sandberg (GU)
Venue: Via Zoom

September 29, 15-17, Seminar on chapter 4 of This Life
Martin Hägglund (Yale)
Venue: Via Zoom

Oktober 13, 10-12, Ethnographic philosophy of science: reworking qualitative research methods into tools for philosophical analysis
Helene Scott-Fordsmand (U of Copenhagen)
Venue: TBD 

November 24, 10-12, Mutual address and communicative connectedness. Reflections on Husserl’s conception of the communicative community 
Patricia Meindl (U of Copenhagen)
Venue: TBD

December 8, 10-12, Friendship in Epicurean Philosophy
Martin Berzell (LiU)
Venue: TBD 

January 19, 10-12, Title: TBD
Jan-Göran Johansson (UU)
Venue: TBD

February 23, 10-12, Title: TBD
Cory Robinson (LiU)
Venue: TBD

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