Paula Urbano and Behnam Sadighi

Ny utställning i Lobby

On Thursday the 17th at 3.30 pm we open our new show at Lobby.
In Kåkenhus, outside the Campus Library.


The Refugee of the Sorrowful Figure
Paula Urbano


Paula Urbano met a man that applied for asylum, but got deported from Sweden. The film takes form during the year she followed him from Flen, Eskilstuna, Baghdad and Teheran. In her artistic practice Urbano explores existential uncertainty. A condition that arises when fundamental existential components are subject to uncalculated ruptures, are questioned or changed more or less drastically, more or less violently. In this case for the asylum seeking man: after deportation to Irak an unsafe country in war. With references to Don Quijote a meeting takes form that also concerns the task of the Artist. The viewer him/herself has to navigate through possible stories and is maybe confronted with his/her own prejudices along the way.


The Last Daybehnam sadighi
Behnam Sadighi

2010-2017 (work in progress) 80X100 cm - C-print - Unframed

This ongoing series looks at the immigration of Iranian youths to distant countries, aspiring to find a better situation and lead a successful life.
They leave their own country, not to experience new things, but as a form of evacuation, like those who are flood-stricken and forced to seek refuge in a foreign land. This is a daily experience, visiting young students who are trying desperately to leave their country; some wishing to pursue their educational goals and others seeking permanent residency abroad. This project presents their last portraits, taken before theyleave their motherland, as a memory for them to hold, of a land that they may never see again.

This exhibition has been curated by Erik Berggren and produced together with a fantastic group of students from the Program of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Thanks to Esther, Samina, Joachim, Mischa, Gabriella, Chrissy, Mansi.  Also thanks to Glenn Dahlberg at LiU-service for all your help. 

About Lobby

This is an exhibition space set up at Kåken hus on Norrköping Campus,  to communicate, confront and contextualize research on Campus.  The project is run by Erik Berggren and receives financial support from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the research council FORMAS.