This specialisation is grounded in tradition as well as innovation. Traditional approaches to design and product development are combined with new modelling and computational methods for digitalised and automated solutions.

The Engineering Design and Product Development specialisation enhances your analytical skills, creativity, and ability to design future products. There is a strong emphasis on project work, where you go from concept to manufacturing physical prototypes, often in collaboration with students from other programs.

Through the courses, you will be exposed to the latest technology in digitalisation, ranging from how to efficiently and automatically create 3D models, to processes for how production of these models can be streamlined and automated. Automation is achieved through programming, optimisation, machine learning, and various other AI methods.

Our students are interested in innovation, creativity, and invention. We aim to tailor our courses to align with these strengths. While some courses involve significant programming, they run in parallel with the creation of projects that you often choose yourself. The end product, rather than the abstract method used to achieve it, is the key driver of the work.

If you want to learn how to handle tools that shape our future, this specialisation is for you. You will become a product developer comfortable with programming, machine learning, and production development. You will be able to develop products and take it a step further by creating advanced applications that automatically generate products and production processes.

Career opportunities

Many of our alumni work in design engineering and product development. Some are also employed in other industries such as programming, logistics, and production planning. If you want breadth but also appreciate the opportunity to specialise in many exciting areas, Engineering Design and Product Development is a good choice for you.

This is a sample of positions that previous students hold today:

  • Design Engineer
  • Product Developer
  • Consultant
  • Own startup company
  • Project Manager

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