Problem Based Learning, PBL, is the name of the pedagogical method used at all the programmes of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. All programmes are based around subject-integrated themes and theoretical and practical elements are interspersed throughout the training period.  


PBL is a learning scenario where we ask the questions: What do we already know? What do we still need to know? What have we learnt? What is our understandig of the scenario now?
PBL lifebuoy

The lifebuoy is intended to support the process of the tutorial in its initial phases, just like a swim ring when learning to swim. When you know how to swim, you don’t need a swim ring. The lifebuoy is an aid to establishing a common way of working with problem-solving, learning and collaboration in the tutorial group. The lifebuoy consists of core questions that the students pose in order to create a systematic way of working in the scenario. The processing is also dynamic, which means that it may be necessary to move between the core questions several times during the process.

PBL Guide