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Linköping University Library has a number of Read and Publish agreements with publishers. These agreements cover both rights to access to articles and Open Access publishing for LiU authors. This page includes information about these agreements and a search box for finding out if individual journals are covered by an agreement.

The Library’s publishing agreements can cover the whole, or part of, the Article Processing Charge (APC) when publishing in hybrid journals and pure Open Access journals. You can find an exhaustive list of our agreements and discounts further down on this page. 

Read more about hybrid journals and other types of Open Access journals at: Open Access

A basic requirement to publish under one of the agreements is that you are formally affiliated with Linköping University. Such an affiliation can be that you are an employee, a PhD student, or a professor emeritus at LiU. Beyond these categories, a formal LiU affiliation is defined in the decision from the Vice-Chancellor from 31 May, 2021, Dnr LiU-2021-02223.

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Beyond a formal affiliation to LiU, the following requirements are necessary for you to publish under one of the agreements:


You are the corresponding author.

The corresponding author is also the person who submits the manuscript and maintains contact with the publisher during the publishing process.

(There is one exception to this criterium, see agreement marked * under Publishers.)


You are using your LiU affiliation in the article and in the publisher’s manuscript submission system.


You are using your @liu email in the article and in the publisher’s manuscript submission system. 

If you don't have an @liu email, you may need to contact the publisher to verify your affiliation.

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  • By including your correct LiU affiliation and your email address in the article and manuscript submission system, publishers will usually identify the article as covered by an agreement automatically. In some cases you need to provide certain information. 
  • Please note that authors may still need to cover colour charges, page charges and other ancillary costs not covered by the agreements.
  • Since we are in a transition period when it comes to transformative agreements, journals which are covered by an agreement are subject to change. Information in the SciFree search engine is updated continuously. Use the search box below to find out if a specific journal is covered by any of our agreements. Please double check before submitting your article.
  • Types of article covered varies depending on the agreement. Please double check if you are about to publish an item that is not an original research article.

Which journals are covered by a publishing agreement?

Use the search box to find out if a specific journal is covered by any of the agreements. You can search journal title or name of publisher.


If you have any questions, contact the Library at

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American Chemical Society

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

American Physical Society (APS)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

British Medical Journals Publishing (BMJ)

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Company of Biologists

Elsevier & Cell Press


Institute of Physics (IoP)

IOS Press*

IWA Publishing



Nature journals

Oxford University Press (OUP)

Public Library of Science (PLoS)

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Royal Society Publishing (RSP)




Taylor & Francis


Check for publishing agreements between individual publishers and Linköping University Library

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Does LiU have an agreement?


Check for publishing agreements between individual journals and Linköping University Library

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