REMESO seminars are normally held on Wednesdays, at 1-3 pm. Room varies, see below. The seminars are either Open Seminars or Working Seminars. To Open Seminars we welcome anyone interested. It is also possible to attend Working seminars even if you are not REMESO Faculty or Affiliate, but please contact Erik Berggren,

11/9 Country-Specific Human Capital and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants: Measures and Mechanisms.
Andrey Tibajev, PhD candidate, REMESO, 60%
Working Seminar, K51

18/9 Interactive Racism in Swedish Online Media, Press and Politics: Discourses on Immigration and Refugees at Times of Crisis.
Mattias Ekman, Associate Professor, Media and Communication Studies, Örebro University
Open seminar, TP55

19/9 Workshop 10-12: Methodology and Methods in Researching Online/social Media Material.
Mattias Ekman Associate Professor, Media and Communication Studies, Örebro University
Registration needed: contact  Room: K22 (Note time) 

9/10  Families Apart: Refugees Navigating Everyday Life in the Context of Family Separation.
Johanna Hiitola, Senior Researcher, Migration Institute of Finland
Open seminar, K51

23/10  Transgender Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Predicaments and Possibilities
B Camminga, Postdoc. African Centre for Migration and Society, Wits university in South Africa.
Room: KO23

30/10  Futures Past of South African Whiteness in Nadine Gordimer’s Writings, 1959-1979.
Julia Willén, PhD candidate, REMESO, 90%
Working seminar, K22

5/11  Educational Resilience and Reproduction among Children of Immigrants in Sweden.
Olav Nygård, PhD candidate, REMESO, 90%
Working seminar, room: TPM55

20/11, 13:15-16:00,  Workshop and Book Launch: Migration, Civil Society and Global Governance

Gülay Toksöz, Professor Emerita, Ankara University, 
Branka Likic-Brboric, Associate Professor, REMESO
Aleksandra Ålund, Professor Emerita, REMESO
Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Professor Emeritus, REMESO
Open Workshop, TP53

12/12, 6pm-8pm, Panel: Social Polarization and the Rise of Cultures of Rejection Across Europe

Manuela Bojadzijev, Humboldt U. and Leuphana U., Germany
Sanja M. Bojanic, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Éric Fassin, University of Paris 8–Saint-Denis, France
Michael Keith, University of Oxford,United Kingdom
Gazela Pudar Drasko, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Birgit Sauer, University of Vienna, Austria
Moderator: Stefan Jonsson, REMESO, Linköping University

Campus Norrköping, Täppan T1, Bredgatan 34. 
Open for all inside and outside Campus.

For questions, please contact Erik Berggren -

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