REMESO seminars are normally held on Wednesdays, at 13:15-15:00. The seminars are either open seminars or working seminars. To open seminars we welcome anyone interested. Working seminars are by invitation-only from the presenter, please contact them to participate. Some Open seminars also require registration, see below. Seminar rooms are posted below, see map here. Some Open seminars are in hybrid form.

Seminars autumn 2021

15/9  A Modern Migration Theory 
Peo Hansen, Professor, REMESO, LiU
Open hybrid seminar, room K2, *Start time for this seminar is kl 15:15*

Today both researchers and policy-makers agree that refugees admitted to the European Union constitute a net cost and fiscal burden for the receiving societies. In this lecture, Peo Hansen shows that this consensual cost-perspective on migration is built on a flawed economic conception of the orthodox “sound finance” doctrine. By shifting perspective to examine migration through the macroeconomic lens offered by Modern Monetary Theory, Hansen is able to demonstrate sound finance’s detrimental impact on migration policy and research. Most importantly, this undertaking offers the tools with which both migration research and migration policy could be modernized and put on a realistic footing.  

Please register to attend in-person or to obtain Zoom-link with an e-mail to

22/9  Race in Contemporary Biomedicine
Janet Shim and Anne Pollock
Joint Zoom seminar REMESO and CMHB (Center for Medical Humanities and Bioethics). 
13.15-16.00, (Extended until 16) 

Community Engagement in Biomedical Research: Trust, Equity, and Time
Shim´s research has studied how precision medicine research (PMR) have answered to recent calls for inclusion and diversity, in biomedical research in the US.

Janet K. Shim, is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Francisco. Her research focuses the sociological analysis of the science of health disparities and the interactional dynamics of healthcare encounters. She is co-editor of Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S. (Duke, 2010) and author of Heart-Sick: The Politics of Risk, Inequality, and Heart Disease (NYU Pr., 2014).

Failures of Biomedical Preparedness amid Enduring Anti-Black Racism, 2001-2020
Anne Pollock will discuss two themes that have surfaced during Covid-19: (1) poor preparedness for health emergencies and (2) racial health disparities.
Anne Pollock is a professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College London. Her research explores the areas: racism and health, feminist theory and biomedicine, and the social studies of pharmaceuticals. She is the author of Medicating Race: Heart Disease and Durable Preoccupations with Difference (Duke 2012); Synthesizing Hope: Matter, Knowledge, and Place in South African Drug Discovery (Chicago 2019); and Sickening: Anti-Black Racism and Health Disparities in the United States (Minnesota 2021).

Organisation: Anna Bredström; Shai Mulinari, REMESO; Lisa Guntram, CMHB, LiU. Contact: Anna Bredström, for link to Zoom.
29/9  The Geopolitics of Borders in Territorial, Historical and Imagined Forms. How does Migration Manifest as ‘Crisis’ rather than Social Transformation?
Claudia Tazreiter, Professor REMESO, LiU, 
Open seminar, room KO22

13/10  Rejections of Migrants and Authorities in the Shadow of the Corona Pandemic
Celina Ortega Soto, (20%)
Working Seminar, room KO23 

25/10 Film screening Sergei Loznitsa’s Maidan (2014), run time 130 min, in relation to Stefan Jonsson’s seminar on the 27 October
18:15–21:00, K4 (Kåkenhus), Introduction by Stefan Jonsson
27/10  Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution and the Political Aesthetics of Revolution and Nationalism 
Stefan Jonsson, professor, REMESO, LiU
Open seminar, room KO22, 13:00 - 15:00

Presentation of a research project and a book in progress entitled Monstrous Events that analyse what art can tell us about the emergence civil protest, migration, populism, and revolution. The specific case addressed here concerns the so-called Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine 2013–2014 and its vaccilation between universality and nationalism. For manuscript contact For all interested, an informal screening of Sergei Loznitsa’s major film on the revolution, Maidan (2014) will be organized on Monday 25 October, at 18:15 in K4.   

17/11  Conviviality and Antiracism in Provincial Sweden.
Karin Krifors, Assistant professor, REMESO, LiU
Open seminar, room TP42  

Presentation of research results from an ethnographic study of migrant solidarity movements in Swedish small towns. The results highlight how refugee reception and ambitions of ‘welcoming’ local communities form specific types of multiculturalism in non-metropolitan places, and discusses how Paul Gilroy’s concept of conviviality can link this multiculturalism to a politics of hope with antiracist potential. 

Karin Krifors is a researcher at REMESO. She also studies the logistic and infrastructural organisation of migration and labour in Sweden and Germany, as well as social and cultural effect of new digital and biometric border control systems. 

18/11  Remember us To Life - Vulnerable Memory in a Prospective Monument, Memorial and Museum
Rebecka Katz Thor - Joint seminar with TEMA Q
Open seminar, room TP2

Rebecka Katz Thor introduces her research on three commemorative projects, currently under development: a Holocaust Museum, a monument to Swedish colonialization and a memorial to the victims of racist murder. The research addresses public commemoration in relation to notions of vulnerability and grievability, its varieties of aesthetic expressions, voices and experiences and as a form of ethical response to the past, theoretically and in relation to demands of removal of statues and in how cultural heritage is defined.  
Rebecka Katz Thor, PhD in Aesthetics from Södertörn University, Sweden. Her dissertation Beyond the Witness – Holocaust Representation and the Testimony of Images investigates the image-as-witness in three films made of archival materials. She is a critic, writer and teacher in aesthetics and art theory. 

Organized by Olga Zabalueva, TEMA Q, LiU
24/11  Claudia Tazreiter, Inauguration Lecture
Claudia Tazreiter, Professor REMESO, LiU, 
More information about the inauguration lecture.

1/12  The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research Addressing Moments of Discomfort
The Critical Methodologies Collective with Pouran Djampour
Open seminar, room TP42  

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