Seminar are normally on Wednesdays 13:15 – 15:00. Texts and background material are made available one week in advance. The Working seminar is devoted to work in progress and participants are asked to read pre-circulated drafts. Room is listed below. If Seminar is on zoom or in hybrid mode, links to appear below.

Seminars spring 2022

21/1 10:15 – 12:00 Public Defence:  Andrey Tibajev, Department of Culture and Society (IKOS), REMESO, LiU.
“The value of immigrants’ human capital for labour market integration”
The opponent is associate professor Lina Aldén, Linnéuniversitetet. The defence is open, on Campus or Zoom. Contact Eva Rehnholm ( for a link, before January 19.
Room: K3, Kåkenhus. 

9/3 OS – Måns Fellesson, UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
The Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan (KISEDP) in Kenya – A Sustainable Solution for Refugees or Humanitarian Assistance in an Alternative Way?’
Room KO22 

13/4 WS – Mapping REMESO’s Research Agenda.
13:15-16:00  (Note: time)Room KO24

20/4  OS – Sujata Patel, professor of sociology at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla India
Risk, Trust and the pandemic. The experience in India.
Sujata Patel is professor of sociology at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla India, as well as the Kerstin Hesselgren Visiting Professor, awarded by the Swedish Research Council. She will be in residence at REMESO in April and May. 
Room KO23

CANCELLED! 27/4 OS – Martin Hultman, Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology.
”Why don’t we act enough on climate science results? Right-wing ideology and climate change denial”.
In this seminar research on why we don’t act more forcefully when we know the challenges of our fossil fueled climate change will be presented, with overarching theoretical answers on how to understand humankind current ecocidal trajectory. The focus will be on the influence of right-wing ideology in its neoliberal form from early 1970s onwards. 
Room KO23

18/5  WS – Haqqi Bahram, PhD candidate, REMESO,  60%. 
Between Statelessness and Refugeehood: Kurds from Syria and the Question of Citizenship (working title)
Main discussant: Barzoo Eliassi, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Linnaeus University 
Committee members: Ulrika Wernesjö, Senior Lecturer, Division of Social Work, IKOS, Linköping University and Claudia Tazreiter, Professor, REMESO, IKOS, Linköping University
Room TPM51

25/5 WS – Özge Sarıalioğlu, Visiting PhD candidate, REMESO
"Enounters of Syrian Refugees and Locals in Everyday Life: Urban Space, and Informal Labor Market, A Case of İstanbul". 
Room KO25

1/6 WS – Paula Mählck, Assistant professor, REMESO.
Room Tvärsnittet, Kopparhammaren 7.

15/6 Open Seminar: Bridget Anderson, Director of Migration Mobilities Bristol, and Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship, University of Bristol. 
”Is it Possible to Decolonise Migration Studies?”
Room KO23


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