Spring 2020

REMESO seminars are normally held on Wednesdays, at 13:00-15:00. Room varies, see below.

The seminars are either Open Seminars or Working Seminars. To Open Seminars we welcome anyone interested. It is also possible to attend Working seminars even if you are not REMESO Faculty or Affiliate, but please contact Catrin Lundström ( or Haqqi Bahram (


12/2 Extraction, Displacement, Erasure: Case Studies in Extractive Processes and Cultural Formation 

Asher Goldstein, PhD-candidate, REMESO, 20%   

Working seminar, K22     


19/2 Urban Rage: The Revolt of the Excluded

Mustafa Dikec, Professor, Malmö University

Open seminar, TP44


11/3 The Value of Immigrants’ Human Capital in Labour Market Integration

Andrey Tibajev, PhD-candidate REMESO, 90%

Working seminar, TP45

25/3 From Stateless to Refugee to Citizen: Syrian Kurds and Politics of Naturalization

Haqqi Bahram, PhD-candidate REMESO, 20%  

Working seminar, K25



8/4 Temporary or Permanent Residence? Preliminary Results from a Survey on the Consequences of the 2016 Change in Swedish Migration Policy

Kristoffer Jutvik, Visiting PhD-student, Uppsala University/REMESO

Open seminar, TP44

15/4 Navigating “Respectability”: The Relationship to the Family Central in Sweden for Migrants from Muslim Countries

Rudeina Mkdad, PhD-candidate REMESO, 20%.

Working seminar, TP52


22/4 How is Intersectional Antiracism Done on Social Media? A study of Racialized Swedish Activist Platforms

Mavis Hooi, PhD-candidate REMESO, 20%.

Working seminar, TP55

29/4 Central Asian Labor Migrants in Russia: Claiming their Right to Health in a Web of Legal Uncertainty

Daniel Kashnitsky, Visiting PhD, Higher School of Economics, Russia

Open seminar, TP53


6/5 International Migration Law

Merve Ozkan, Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow, Political Sciences, Istanbul University

Open seminar, K25


13/5 Race, Genetics and Contemporary Biomedicine

 Janet Shim and Anne Pollock    OBS 13-16       TP2


20/5 Where History Ends. Of might and monsters in a divided world

Stefan Jonsson - Book launch and discussion.  

Open seminar, KO22

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