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REMESO-seminarierna är antingen öppna eller arbetsseminarier. Till de öppna seminarierna är alla välkomna!

Seminariena hålls normalt på onsdagar klockan 13.15-15. De är antingen öppna seminarier eller arbetsseminarier.  Till de öppna är alla välkomna. Till arbetsseminarium kan även intresserade utanför REMESO delta, hör då av dig innan seminariet till Erik Berggren.

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14 september: Paneldiskussion - Colonialism and Modern Social Theory. Öppet seminarium.

Book presentation by visiting professors Gurminder Bhambra, University of Sussex, and John Holmwood, University of Nottingham. Commentary by REMESO professors Peo Hansen and Claudia Tazreiter. Moderator: Stefan Jonsson.

Tid: 14-17

Sal: K2

28 september: “Taurus in the Arena of Life: Toussaint L'Overture's "Grievous Error" and Black Radical Ruptures in the Wake of Slavery and Colonialism”. Öppet seminarium.

James R. Walker, PhD, ADN, Honors Program, DePaul University, Chicago.
The seminar will discuss Walker's essay, "COVID-19 and Dreams of a Radical Re-visioning of Global Health Engagement," and it´s suggestion to re-vision our engagement with global health inequity through the work of Black Radicals C. L. R. James, Walter Rodney, Paul Gilroy, and Christina Sharpe.

Sal: TP53

12 oktober: “The concept of race.” Öppet seminarium.

Discussion on Loïc Wacquant’s article “Resolving the Trouble with ’Race’” (2022), which suggests a new notion of ethnicity and race and problematizes the idea of structural racism. Introductory comments by Anna Bredström and Anders Neergaard. Participants prepare by reading Wacquant’s text, which will be pre-circulated.

Sal: TP53

19 oktober: Geographies of Commemoration in a Digital World: Anzac @ 100. Öppet seminarium.

Danielle Drozdzewski, Dep. of Human Geography, Stockholm University.

Danielle Drozdzewski will talk about her reccent book, co-authored with Shanti Sumartojo and Emma Waterton, and the suggestion that the digital constitutes opportunities to influence how we remember. She will moreover introduce a new epistemology of memory, which tackles the complexity of geographies of commemoration. Integral to her approach has been an embodied and mindful cognisance of positions within/on memory research (including about Anzac).

Sal: TP44

26 oktober: Boksläpp: Contending Global Apartheid: Transversal Solidarities and Politics of Possibility

Carl-Ulrik Schierup, professor emeritus, REMESO, presents his new book, co-authored with Martin Bak Jörgensen (Brill 2022). Introduction will be circulated beforehand. Commentary by Stefan Jonsson, REMESO.

Sal: KO22

9 november: “The Legal Expriences of Turkish Women Migrants in Sweden”. Öppet seminarium.

Duygu Hatipoglu Aydin, REMESO guest researcher, Associate Professor at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Law, Ankara. 

Sal: TP55

16 november: 60%-seminarium. Arbetsseminarium.

Asher Goldstein. Extractive Indifference: Ignoring Canadian plunder at home and abroad. 60-percent seminar on PhD thesis. 

Sal: TP52

30 november: 60%-seminarium. Arbetsseminarium.

Rudeina Mkdad, REMESO. 60-percent seminar on PhD thesis.

Sal: TP51

7 december: ”Feeling difference: Race, migration, and the affective infrastructure of a Danish detention camp”. Öppet seminarium.

Annika Lindberg, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. Guest seminar with REMESO International Graduate School. 

Sal: TP52

14 december: “A fundamental contradiction? Immigrant workers and xenophobic opinions in Swedish blue collar trade unions”. Arbetsseminarium.

Anders Neergaard, REMESO.

Sal: TP51

18 januari: “Late Capitalist Fascism”. Öppet seminarium.

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Dep. of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University. Rasmussen will give a presentation based on his new book Late Capitalist Fascism, (Polity Press, 2021)

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25 januari: Öppet seminarium.

Oncemore Mbeve, African Centre for Migration and Society, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, REMESO Visiting PhD candidate.

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Våren 2022

Disputation: “The value of immigrants’ human capital for labour market integration”

Andrey Tibajev, REMESO.

The opponent was associate professor Lina Aldén, Linnéuniversitetet.

The Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan (KISEDP) in Kenya – A Sustainable Solution for Refugees or Humanitarian Assistance in an Alternative Way?’ 

Måns Fellesson, UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Mapping REMESO’s Research Agenda.


Risk, Trust and the pandemic. The experience in India.

Sujata Patel, professor of sociology at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla India

Sujata Patel is professor of sociology at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla India, as well as the Kerstin Hesselgren Visiting Professor, awarded by the Swedish Research Council.

Between Statelessness and Refugeehood: Kurds from Syria and the Question of Citizenship (working title)

Haqqi Bahram, PhD candidate, REMESO,  60%-seminarium. Arbetsseminarium.  

"Enounters of Syrian Refugees and Locals in Everyday Life: Urban Space, and Informal Labor Market, A Case of İstanbul". 

Özge Sarıalioğlu, gästdoktorand, REMESO. Arbetsseminarium.


Paula Mählck, universitetslektor, REMESO.

”Is it Possible to Decolonise Migration Studies?”

Bridget Anderson, Director of Migration Mobilities Bristol, and Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship, University of Bristol. 



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