Linköping University welcomes you to apply to SeGRID for young professionals from the Eastern Europe countries. The online module is held during May. The on-site module in Sweden is held during June 9 - 15.

The aims of the course

Pursuing a more democratic e-governance system is crucial, emphasizing resilience and innovation to steer modern democratic public administration forward. SeGRID is part of the Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) and is designed to enhance actors’ skills to tackle challenges associated with sustainable digital governance. This course facilitates interactive learning, grounded in both theoretical insights and practical applications.

Digital tools and services have proven to enhance efficiency within the public sector, addressing challenges related to democracy, sustainability, and corruption mitigation. However, a deficient implementation of digitalization in public administration could potentially exacerbate citizen trust by diminishing social and political engagement and undermining state legitimacy. To navigate these complexities, digitalisation and political science researchers from Linköping University have curated an interactive program. The project team, with extensive experience in fostering democratic and legitimate digital governance, collaborates closely with municipalities and public authorities across Sweden, thus integrating theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Sustainable governance in the context of digital government presents complex and context-specific challenges. This course aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify and address critical issues of sustainable digital governance. Additionally, it seeks to underscore the opportunities digital government can offer for supporting citizen trust and government legitimacy. Focusing on the Eastern Partnership countries, the course shares valuable insights from Sweden's experience, providing a platform for participants to broaden their networks within the Eastern Partnership region and Sweden. Are you ready to expand your knowledge, meet inspiring experts and connect to young and dedicated leaders? 

Who can participate?

We welcome key actors involved in digitalisation of public administration and public services. Our course turns essentially to:

  • Professionals in public administration, business, civil society and politics.
  • Who have a mandate to drive change in their organisation
  • Who are subject specialists or otherwise connected to the digitalisation of public services and public administration

In order to be eligible, you also have to:

  • Be a citizen of one of the following countries: Armenia, Belarus* , Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine. ( * As a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and Belarus' active participation, it is not possible for public sector employees in Belarus to participate in SAYP activities).
  • Have a good command of the English language.
  • Have a relevant higher education (bachelor’s or master’s degrees, at least).
  • Be 25-40 years old (born 1984-1999).

The advanced content of the lectures, assignments, and discussions requires participants to have a solid foundation in, and practical experience with, digital government or digital services. Alternatively, participants should demonstrate a keen interest in exploring how digital government can serve as a catalyst for overcoming challenges related to democracy, transparency, equality, efficiency, and resilience within a sustainable public administration framework. Additionally, they are expected to convey a commitment to leveraging the insights and skills gained through the program in their professional endeavour upon returning to their respective roles.

Practical Information

How, when and where?

  • Online in May - June
  • On-site in June in Sweden

Number of participants


The participation in the course is free of charge and includes meals, accommodation and travel

Linköping Valla Folkhögskola near Campus Valla Linköping

Language of instruction

Application period
Application is closed now.


Please note that minor adjustments to the activities may be made during later planning stages. Programme details for SeGRID Eastern Europe will be available shortly.


Do you have questions about the application? Contact the Project team at Linköping University,

How to Apply

Application for 2024 is closed

Application form and documents

To apply for the SeGRID Eastern Europe at Linköping University you need to complete this application form (closed now).

You must also upload the following four documents in addition to the application form.

  • Letter of Motivation
  • Letter of Reference
  • English language certificate
  • CV Europass

The templates are found at SI.

Requirements for uploaded documents

Name the files with the course the Eastern Europe and your name. For example: EE John Johnson.

Please notice that without these four documents your application will not be complete and will not be considered in the selection process.


The documents must be uploaded before the deadline 7 April, kl 23:59.

More information about the SAYP programme is found at SI.

In the application form we ask for contact information and personal details of relevance for the course, like area of work and residence. We will conduct a brief online interview for the selection process and a meeting link will be sent to your email address. 

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