SeGRID 2021

Sustainable and Democratic Digital Governance. The world is going digital – what does that mean for governance, democracy and sustainability? Come and learn more about public leadership and governance in an increasingly digital and globalized world. Apply today to our two-step courses for SeGRID 2021- Sustainable e-Government for Resilient and Innovative Democratic Public Administration.

SeGrid and digital tools for e-governance

Update: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 issues and vaccine delays, the on-campus week will be moved from August to early October. We have taken this decision as we wish for all participants to have access to the on-campus week. The online weeks will go ahead according to the current schedule. Successful applicants will receive an updated schedule upon eventual acceptance to the programme.  

Welcome to Linköping University and the course: Sustainable e-Government for Resilient and Innovative Democratic Public Administration (SeGRID). The course is organised twice during 2021, in June for young professionals from the Western Balkan, and in August for young professionals from the Baltic Region and the Eastern partnership.

You will get access to an intensive online ‘DigiWeek’ during June, with online lectures, workshops and collaborative work with young professionals from different countries. The co-production of knowledge will enhance your professional career and shed new light on the challenges faced in your work. If permitted due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus, we hope to offer an on-campus week in Sweden in August including several study visits to public organizations leading our digital transformation. Our main priority is the health and wellbeing of all participants and staff. The program will cover all your costs for the on-campus week in Sweden, including traveling from your home country, hotel, all meals, local transportations and social events. Do not hesitate to apply now!

SeGRID is funded by the Swedish Institute as a part of the SI Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP). SAYP is a training programme organised by Swedish universities and aimed at young policymakers, public servants and civil society actors from selected countries in the Baltic Sea Region, the EU’s Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans. The purpose of the programme is to serve as a platform for sharing experience, building knowledge and networking around public governance issues. The programme is designed to strengthen participants’ ability to lead the change in their regions.

A digitalized society: where opportunities and challenges arise

Digitalization processes challenge contemporary means of governance, calling for a need of smart and sustainable use of digital technologies. The Sustainable e-Government for Resilient and Innovative Democratic public administration (SeGRID) curricula aims to develop skills for improving core public values such as efficiency, transparency, accessibility, equality and other public values by the smart and sustainable use of digital technologies. SeGRID focuses on the digitalization of government services and administration, conceptualized as e-government. This digitalization has given rise to new demands from and opportunities for citizens, professionals and policymakers. The Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) module aims to develop skills and build knowledge in order to address the challenges surrounding sustainable e-government - such as resilience, innovation and democracy in a digital society. Participants engage with these issues through interactive learning anchored in both theory and practice.

The learning experience and work process

SeGRID focuses on interactivity, the sharing of experiences and best practices, and on the importance of collective knowledge building.  This year SeGRID will combine an online DigiWeek alongside an on-campus week in Sweden in order to provide participants with the best learning experience possible. The module is preceded by minor preparatory studies in the participating countries and begins with two kick-off webinars which include getting to know each other and preparatory studies on the goals, expectations and work methods in the module. The thematic module is based upon a number of key interactive lectures, study visits and presentations known as ´gallery walks´. The gallery walks are led by researchers and practitioners from Sweden, focusing on challenges, lessons and best practices. The discussions from the lectures are mirrored in smaller groups which then focus more specifically on reflections and questions connected to the respective countries’ realities and challenges. The participants will collaborate with each other in smaller groups to discuss salient or common problems and then present their work in gallery walk presentations. Several study visits are organized at the Government Offices of Sweden, the Royal National Library of Sweden, the Swedish Institute in Stockholm and Linköping municipality for example.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet with key sustainable e-government actors at the local, regional and national levels, alongside experiencing the cities of Stockholm and Linköping. 

All participants become members of the SI Alumni Network, a vast professional and global contact network meant to keep building good practices and mutual learning processes for a sustainable future.

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Questions and Answers regarding the reorganization of SAYP/SeGRID, 2021

Q. I have applied for SeGRID but have still not received any confirmation regarding if I am accepted or not. When and how will I find out?
A. The Swedish Institute will send out letters of acceptance to the participants who have been selected on 12 April. The selection process has been performed in line with the criteria outlined by the Swedish Institute. The applicants who have not been selected will receive an email. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give feedback on why specific applicants have not been selected. 

Q. At what time will the activities take place during the day of the online week, will I have to take time off from work? 
A. The activities where you will be expected to attend online with the SeGRID team and fellow participants is 1 pm to 5 pm during Monday to Friday, Stockholm time.

Q. When will I know if the week on campus in August will go ahead?   
A. We will confirm the arrangements for whether travel to Sweden will be permitted in August when you receive your letter of acceptance.  The online week in June is confirmed.

Q. Is there any possibility that you will change the 1 week online in June and 1 week on campus in August, to two weeks as initially planned, when travel restrictions are lessened?
A. No

Q. Will you share study material with us before the webinar and before the summer school? 
A. Yes

Q. How many days do you plan for on campus in August? 
A. Each group will spend a week in Sweden (including travel days) with activities planned both on campus in Linköping and in Stockholm.

Q. I do not have a Facebook account, will I miss out on information from you, or should I open an account? 
A. No, you will receive all necessary information by e-mail from us organizers. The Facebook group is for networking with the other alumni.

Q. Can we organize ourselves in a Whatsapp-group (in a specific country, and in the whole SAYP group)? 
A. Of course, and as soon as we have got the complete list of participants from the Swedish Institute we will make sure you can start networking with people who will attend the SeGRID module with you.

Q. Can you confirm that you have received my acceptance to attend? 
A. At LiU we cannot confirm that the Swedish Institute has received your acceptance of the invitation but since we have selected you and want you to participate, we will ask you in the unlikely case that SI has not received an answer from you. You will not miss out on attending due to technical problems.

Q. I will not be able to participate due to the new organization, can I hold my spot until next year? 

A. No, we will not be able to hold your spot for next year. SI encourages you to apply again, though.

Q. How much time will the pre-SAYP webinar take? 

A. The pre-SeGRID webinar will take 3 hours at a maximum, of you time.

Q. Will our assignments be graded? 
A. Your assignments will not be graded per se, but we do expect active participation during the online week. As a matter of fact, active participation during the first week is a
requirement to be able to attend the on campus, in Sweden week in December.

Q. Is the first part connected to the second part of the SeGRID module? 

A. Yes. And in order to be considered for the second part you will have to take active part in the first week online.

Thank you for all the relevant questions! We are very much looking forward to seeing you all and learn from and with you!


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