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What is daily life at Linköping University (LiU), really like? Will you like it in Sweden?
Here is your chance to get real insight into international student life at LiU.
Our international master's students want to share their experiences of student life and studies in Sweden. Read their stories and feel free to ask them questions if you want to know more.

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Sebastian Westley

International and European Relations

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I have recently moved to Linköping from Melbourne, Australia to study International and European Relations. I am a keen traveler and lover of sports. Follow my blogs to enjoy my travels within Sweden, life in Linköping and my experiences studying at LiU.

Hela Galvis

Business Administration for International Organizations

Hello guys! My name is Hela and I come from the tropical paradise of Colombia. I want to share with you my stories and experience of studying Business Administration for International Organizations at Linköping University and show you all the beauty of Sweden. Take a look!

Adam Grachek

 Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics 

Hey, Adam here! I’m the American at this university with an affinity for a good fika, awesome food, and even better techno music. A year ago, I never thought I’d end up studying in Sweden, but I have to say it’s been the best choice I’ve ever made. Follow along and maybe you’ll feel the same!

Asad Enver

Statistics and Machine Learning

Hej! I am Asad and I am studying Master’s in Statistics and Machine Learning here at LiU. Moving to Sweden from Pakistan has been a roller-coaster ride but it is proving to be one of the best decisions of my life. If the idea of studying abroad in Sweden excites you, follow my blogs. I will try to inspire you to take the first step in your journey and trust me, once you take that step, you won’t regret it because Sweden is simply heaven on earth. Vi ses!

Musa Baldeh

Outdoor and Sustainability Education

My name is Musa Baldeh from the smiling coast of West Africa – The Gambia. I am an educationist by profession who is curious about how to improve education in the world, so I am always keen in exploring education systems in different parts of the world, hence choosing to study my Masters in Outdoor and Sustainability Education in Sweden. Join me in the adventure of this beautiful country!!

Nada-Katarina Kasic

Experimental and Medical Biosciences

Well, hello there :)
I´m Nada-Katarina and I come from Serbia. Driven by my gut feeling for a change and with a spike of curiosity, I packed my life in two suitcases and came to Sweden. Right now, I am a first-year master student of Experimental and Medical Biosciences.
Catch the flow and let’s explore life in Linköping.

Layla Nunes Lambiasi

Science for Sustainable Development

Hej! My name is Layla and I have just started my masters in Science for Sustainable Development. I am a researcher and for me that means to be curious. My curiosity keeps me going and takes me further. Join me while I talk about the Swedish experience with a Brazilian twist.

Ibikari Allwell-Brown

Experimental and Medical Biosciences

Hello! My name is Ibikari. I am a dentist from Nigeria who moved all the way to Sweden to get a master’s degree in experimental and medical biosciences at LiU. You want to know why? Then join me and you will discover many reasons to live and study in Linköping.

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Recently graduated students' archived blogs

Ellie Whitehead

Applied Ethics

Hej! Jag heter Ellie. These are probably the only words of Swedish that I knew when I decided to leave the UK and apply for a Master’s in Applied Ethics at Linköping University. I’ve now travelled across Europe, dragging my husband and two cats, to Småland- beautiful southern Sweden.

Aashana Nijhawan

Statistics and Machine Learning

Hej! My name is Aashana and I am from India, pursuing MSc. in Statistics and Machine Learning. I am a city kid who loves fast-paced work life, trying new food, attending musical gigs and traveling. At LiU, you would see me painting the world with my own perspective and of course with colors and paint brushes.

Marie Zafimehy

Gender, Intersectionality and Change

Hej allihopa! My name is Marie and I come from France. After spending my Erasmus year in Sweden I was 100% sure I would come back, and I did. I am now studying the master program "Gender, Intersectionality and Change" at LiU, while enjoying life in this amazing country.

Tuuli Vanhanen

International and European Relations

Hej! I moved from Finland to Linköping to study my master’s degree in International and European Relations, and I have not regretted it! Join me as I explore Linköping – the city, the university, and the nature surrounding it – and I will show you what you are missing out from!

Antonia Tornow

Outdoor and Sustainability Education

Hej! This is me, Antonia, or how my friends call me, Toni, from Austria. Recently moved to Linköping to study “Outdoor and Sustainability Education” and now slightly adapting to swedish culture. You can already call me a kanelbullar addict, a russian choir member and a champion of Swedish duolingo lessons.

Asia Della Rosa

Ethnic and Migration

Hej! My name in Asia and I’m from Italy, but recently I moved in Norrköping for a master in Ethnic and Migration. It’s not so cold here in Sweden! Welcome to my blog! Join me and you will discover a lot of reasons to live and study here.

Lyn Cao


Hej! This is Lyn from Beijing and I am studying Design at Linköping University. As a designer, I am always curious about everything and looking for new experiences. Sweden is a place where I found is full of amazing details and beautiful moments which I am going to show you in this blog.

Sikander Islam

International and European Relations

I am a Pakistani Canadian doing my masters in International and European Relations at LiU. I have been here at LiU as an exchange student during my bachelors, and I loved it enough to come back to study here again.

Sharan Sargur

Mechanical Engineering

Hello there! I am Sharan, a passionate Master's student, pursuing Mechanical Engineering. I have come all the way from Bengaluru, India not just to study but also to explore. Watch this space where I will be sharing all my exciting experiences in Sweden. Cheers!

Read the blog here

Annabel Burkard

Experimental and Medical Biosciences

Hejsan, My name is Annabel and I am coming from Sweden’s neighbour Germany. I recently started my master program in Experimental and Medical Biosciences and in my blog I would like to share my experiences as a LiU student with you and convince you of this beautiful country and Linköping as a great student city.

Kristin Witzel

Ethnic and Migration Studies

Tjena! I am from Germany and I am a student in the Master’s Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies. Welcome to my blog about being student in the beautiful city of Norrköping. Besides telling you about my study experiences at LiU, I will also take you on a journey through everyday life in Sweden and the great Swedish outdoors.

Chloe Beemer

International and European Relations

I am an Australian-American dual-citizen Virginia native. Virginia Tech Alumni and currently an International and European Relations masters student at Linköping University. I am an expert in all things four-legged and furry, and I aspire to travel to the best beaches in the world. This is my life from Linköping, Sweden!

Sjoerd van Beelen

Applied Ethics

Tjena! What does one do in a world that faces many issues? Well, one option is going to Sweden and studying Applied Ethics at LiU. So I did, leaving my cosy hometown of Amsterdam and all behind, except for my lovely road bike. This year I ponder about ethical issues, but not only that: I hope to enjoy Swedish nature, equip myself with valuable skills and discover in the broadest sense.

Yumeng Li

Statistics and Data Mining*

Hi! I am Yumeng with a multi-cultural background of more than 20 years living in Shanghai, China and four years working in Japan Airlines. I learn new things quickly and am happy to face challenges. Now I am studying the international master program of Statistics and Data Mining* in Linkoping University which is both challenging and interesting. (Statistics and Machine Learning from August 2018*)

Rachel Bulgach

Ethnic and Migration Studies

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am from Minnesota. I am studying Ethnic and Migration studies at Linköping University, campus Norrköping. Life in Sweden so far is full of challenges, but it is worth it!

Maria Kousoula

Gender Studies

Hey Lovely People! My name is Maria and i am studying Gender at Linköping University. I am extremely interested in travelling and promoting Gender Issues. Enjoy!

Marcela Miranda Francicso

Science for Sustainable Development

Hej! I am from Brazil and currently a Master's student of Science for Sustainable Development here at LiU. You can call me a tree hugger, that is ok :) Come with me as I have many things to tell you about living and studying in Sweden!

Abisola Oyewole-Eletu

International and European Relations

Hello! My name is Abi and I am Nigerian-British girl on a journey to achieve an MSSc in International and European Relations. My interests not only include politics – but also all things fashion, travelling and of course... red lipstick. Join me on my life as a student in Linköping, Sweden.

Karolos Douvlataniotis

Experimental and Medical Biosciences 

Hej! My name is Karolos and I come from the Land of Debts (sometimes referred to as Greece). Right now, I am studying Experimental and Medical Biosciences at LiU, while exploring life in Sweden. Here you will find info about the program, as well as see a student perspective about life in Linköping.

Keely Witherow

International and European Relations

Hey you guys! I came all the way from Texas to study International and European here at LiU, and so far I am loving it! Grab a little fika, get comfortable, and let me tell you all about my adventures as a student in Sweden!  

Amelia Gackowska

Applied Ethics

Hej, my name is Amelia and I moved to Linköping to study the Master programme in Applied Ethics, as I thought it was about time to study the theories behind my activism!

Sacha Bogaers

Gender Studies

Hello everybody! My name is Sacha, I am from the Netherlands and I came to Linköping to study Gender Studies. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Linköping and Sweden. I hope that living here will give me the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country! 

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