Dissertations and books published at Linköping University receive an ISBN. Dissertations are also given a number in the dissertation series it is part of. At LiU, the library administer the assignment of ISBNs and dissertation numbers.

If you have a LiU account, fill in the following form to obtain an ISBN and a dissertation number for your publication:

If you do not have an account, please send information about the publication, its author and publication series (if applicable) to biblioteket@liu.se.

Deliver your dissertation to Linköping University Library

A dissertation published at LiU is to be delivered in 10 copies to the Library. For a dissertation not published electronically please deliver 40 copies. A licentiate thesis in 3 copies.

Publish your dissertation online

Linköping University Electronic Press can publish your dissertation online in DiVA.
For further information, see this guide:
Publish Ph.D. or Licentiate thesis


ISSN is assigned to journals, magazines and yearbooks and provides a unique identification of the publication.

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