Electronic individual study plans- eISP

Under Section 29 of the Higher Education Ordinance, and individual study plan must be drawn up for each doctoral student. After a decision on admission, the principal supervisor starts work on the electronic individual study plan, eISP. Following that, the doctoral student and the principal supervisor can enter the system and work together.

eISP - Individual study plan for doctoral students

Start seminar

When working on the eISP, book a time for your start seminar with the doctoral studies coordinator. A start seminar must take place within two months of admission.

Activity reporting and annual follow-up

The doctoral student and supervisor are responsible for:

  • Reporting of research activity.
  • Reporting of completed courses and other modules.
  • Carrying out annual follow-up.

Half-time seminar

A half-time seminar is a compulsory, publicly announced seminar at which your scientific work is discussed. The purpose of the half-time seminar is to review the quality of the thesis project and the progress of the doctoral student and to provide assistance with the planning of further work. The half-time seminar shall be conducted no later than 2 years after admission for full-time studies, or no later than 4 years after admission for part-time studies or earlier when two manuscripts have been submitted for publication. The half-time seminar can only be conducted at Campus US or Campus Norrköping at Linköping University.

Announcement of grants for students

On the Research Programme Board page you will find more information about:

  • Grants for doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for participation in a doctoral course or equivalent elsewhere.
  • Grants for research students for residence at another research group/laboratory.

Research Programme Board (FUN) at Liunet (login required)