Doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are trained for research, development work and other problem-solving in higher education, business and the public sector. Doctoral studies cover four years full-time study and lead to a doctoral degree. We have almost 500 doctoral students and more than 60 people take their doctorate every year.

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Doctoral students are attached to a research group and receive high-quality practical experience of research early on. It is possible to choose from around twenty doctoral courses at the faculty, but it is also possible to obtain a grant for studying a doctoral course at another higher education institute in Sweden or abroad, or for a position in another research group/laboratory in Sweden or abroad.

Doctoral studies

We conduct doctoral studies in close cooperation with the Linköping University Hospital / Region Östergötland, as well as with other regions within the Southeastern healthcare area. Each department also has information on their respective websites regarding admitted doctoral students at their particular department.

The Research Programmes Board

The Research Programmes Board (FUN) is the board at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Services at Linköping University that deals with issues related to research and doctoral studies.

The Research Programmes Board (FUN) (Liunet - login required)

Guidelines for doctoral education and examination at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (pdf in Swedish)

From admission to thesis defence

Third cycle courses

Research Schools


Doctoral studies at Linköping University