Walk the Talk - Energy-smart properties

Turning words into action – walking the talk – is required in our work and commitment to questions of sustainability. At Linköping University we take these words extremely seriously, with our measures to ensure sustainability and efficient energy use.

We have chosen to showcase this work in an exhibition of the same name – Walk the Talk – at both Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping.

The exhibition is public, free of charge, and accessible all year round. Follow the exhibition pathway by following the points marked on the map at each campus. Map over the exhibition Walk the talk - station Energy-Smart Properties, Campus Valla.Map over the exhibition Walk the talk - station Energy-Smart Properties, Campus Valla. Photo credit LiU-Tryck 

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Energy-smart properties

Linköping University takes its responsibility for the development of a better environment and a sustainable society seriously. We do this through education, research and our way of life. We regard the construction of sustainable buildings as an obvious part of this work.

Low electricity consumption 

Location: Campus Valla, the Key Building

Building Key, Campus Valla Linköping.Building Key, Campus Valla Linköping. Photo credit: Magnus JohanssonThe Key Building unites architecture and energy optimisation. Since 1995, the building has been part of an EU project for energy-efficient properties. Building Key interior, Campus Valla Linköping.Building Key, interior, Campus Valla Linköping. Photo credit: Peter KarlssonElectricity consumption of the building is very low, due to the use of technology that allows efficient use of natural light. The lantern roofs, an open design with light wells under these lantern roofs, and glazed walls coupled to the light wells together provide a high fraction of natural light. The windows in the building have also been designed to contribute to a high level of natural light. The building uses low-value energy in the form of district heating and district cooling.



Kopparhammaren 2 – low electricity consumption

Building Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping.Building Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping. Photo credit: Thor BalkhedProperty developer Klövern has designed and built the Kopparhammaren 2 Building as part of its comprehensive approach to environmental issues and energy efficiency. Many aspects of the building encompass environmental values. The newly built part has been awarded environmental classification by the Sweden Green Building Council at the Miljöbyggnad Guld standard, while the refurbished part has Miljöbyggnad Silver. On the roof, 600 square metres of solar cells have been installed, producing approximately 85,000 kWh, which corresponds to around 30% of the building’s needs. A screen in the foyer shows in real time how much energy is being produced by the solar cells. The sedum-based green roof is a buffer for rainwater, and provides cooling during the summer. The vegetation also promotes biological diversity and benefits the bees that live in beehives on the roof in this urban environment.

The property has a reinforced climate envelope, and the low-energy indoor illumination is controlled by the level of daylight. The ventilation is controlled according to requirements; a lift is powered by batteries; and a charging station for electric cars has been installed at the property.

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