Turning words into action – walking the talk – is required in our work and commitment to questions of sustainability. At Linköping University we take these words extremely seriously, with our measures to ensure sustainability and efficient energy use.

In order to spotlight the successful environmental work carried out here, we have set up projects such as the “Walk the Talk” exhibition on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping, together with Akademiska Hus and Corem. The exhibition is comprised of stations at selected places and in selected buildings around the campus areas. The stations represent some of the sustainability and energy-efficiency measures that have contributed to our high ranking.

The exhibition is public, free of charge, and accessible all year round.

Map over the exhibition (LiU's map service Mazemap)

Stations at the exhibition

Surface water project  in Linköping University Park.

Walk the Talk - Water

Managing surface water is an environmental investment that contributes to a naturally beautiful place. Learn more about how the water is cleaned by the vegetation in University Park at Campus Valla.

Building Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping.

Walk the Talk - Energy-smart properties

Building energy-efficient properties is an important part of our work with sustainability. Linköping University has several examples of smart buildings that you can discover in the Walk the Talk exhibition.

Woman sitting in a park at Linköping University.

Walk the Talk - Green commitment

There’s a ready supply of green commitment at Linköping University. Knowledge is spread by researchers, students and personnel. Walk the Talk is one part of this work, and you may find a pathway to your own green commitment in the exhibition.

District cooling at Campus Valla, Linköpings University.

Walk the Talk - District heating and cooling

Why is the indoor temperature at Linköping University always comfortable? This is thanks to a climate-smart system for district heating and district cooling. In Walk the Talk, Tekniska verken in Linköping shows how it works.

At LiU we use green cars.

Walk the Talk - Biogas

Did you know that Linköping University only uses renewable fuels and electricity in its vehicles? Find out more about the advantages of biofuel in the Walk the Talk exhibition.

Solar cells at the roof of the Building A.

Walk the Talk - Solar Revolution

Solar energy is gaining market shares all around the world. Akademiska Hus was an early adopter, and a total of 515,000 kWh/year is now generated from solar cells around the university.

Cleaning with ultra pure water.

Walk the Talk - Ultrapure

Chemicals and harmful substances are bad news for the environment and our health, and they are found in cleaning agents, etc. LiU instead uses ultrapure water for cleaning – hungry water that attracts the dirt. This is really environmentally smart!

Bicycles at Linköping University

Walk the Talk - Bicycles

Cycling means making an effort to improve both the environment and our health. Around 3,000 bicycles are parked on LiU campuses on any normal day. Green cycle maintenance stations have been installed in association with the Walk the Talk exhibition.