Walk the Talk

Turning words into action – walking the talk – is required in our work and commitment to questions of sustainability. At Linköping University we take these words extremely seriously, with our measures to ensure sustainability and efficient energy use.

We have chosen to showcase this work in an exhibition of the same name – Walk the Talk – at both Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping.

The International Student Barometer has for many years placed Linköping University as world number 1 when it comes to "eco-friendly attitude". The high ranking achieved by LiU is a result of the successful research carried out at LiU in the environmental field, and a great deal of active work with environment-improvement measures on the campuses.

In order to spotlight the successful environmental work carried out here, we have set up projects such as the “Walk the Talk” exhibition on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping, together with Akademiska Hus, Tekniska Verken and Klövern. The exhibition is comprised of stations at selected places and in selected buildings around the campus areas. The stations represent some of the sustainability and energy-efficiency measures that have contributed to our high ranking.

The exhibition is public, free of charge, and accessible all year round.

Map over Walk the Talk

Map over the exhibition Walk the Talk at Campus Valla.
Map over the exhibition Walk the Talk at Campus Valla. LiU-Tryck

Map over the exhibition - Walk the talk

Follow the exhibition pathway by following the points marked on the map at each campus. The QR codes will give access to more detailed information on our website.

Stations at the exhibition