Walk the Talk - Green commitment

Turning words into action – walking the talk – is required in our work and commitment to questions of sustainability. At Linköping University we take these words extremely seriously, with our measures to ensure sustainability and efficient energy use.

We have chosen to showcase this work in an exhibition of the same name – Walk the Talk – at both Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping.

The exhibition is public, free of charge, and accessible all year round. Follow the exhibition pathway by following the points marked on the map at each campus. Map over the Exhibition Walk the Talk - station Green commitment, Campus Valla.Map over the Exhibition Walk the Talk - station Green commitment, Campus Valla. Photo credit LiU-Tryck

Map with coordinates

Green commitment

Green commitment at Linköping University is evident in many ways. Our students, researchers and personnel work actively to create the conditions favourable for a sustainable future. Green commitment is one of the reasons that Återbruket and the Walk the Talk project have been successful at LiU.

Smart bench

Location: Campus Valla, University Park, Smart bench

Individuals can also join in and contribute by making smart choices in everyday life.

The “smart bench” in the University Park is a place to charge your telephone with solar energy and spread your music by the built-in loudspeaker.

Bild tagen för utställningen Walk the Talk.Universitypark at Campus Valla, Linköping University. Photo credit Anna Nilsen

Green students

Some student sections at LiU are slightly greener than others. These use the name “Gröna Sektioner”.

The sections work to ensure that their operations are environmentally sensitive. It is, however, equally important to spread green knowledge and environmental awareness. The green student sections do their bit to care for the environment while at the same time having fun.

More information about student sections (only in Swedish)! 

Kåkenhus – Speakers’ Corner

Location: Campus Norrköping, Library

As a university, we produce and spread new knowledge. One of the most important products that we create in our organisation, in addition to the successful research, is the students’ knowledge. The positive effect continues when the students subsequently enter working life with an understanding of how they can work to promote sustainable development in their chosen professions.

Environmental research at LiU is successful, and is characterised by a holistic approach and a systems-based philosophy. Rather than tackling individual environmental challenges, the research focuses on the flows of energy and material between various actors and how waste products can be managed. The collaboration between different disciplines makes a comprehensive approach possible, in order to find solutions to some of the major challenges we are facing within climate change, the environment and sustainability.

Speakers’ Corner is a forum for information exchange and the spread of knowledge at the Campus Norrköping library. The library here provides information about its operations, and researchers and students can present projects and reports. At Speakers’ Corner, applied knowledge is paired with innovation and reflection to demonstrate possible solutions to the huge sustainability challenges of our time.

Photo: Campus Norrköping, Library

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Walk the Talk