Turning words into action – walking the talk – is required in our work and commitment to questions of sustainability. At Linköping University we take these words extremely seriously, with our measures to ensure sustainability and efficient energy use.

We have chosen to showcase this work in an exhibition of the same name – Walk the Talk – at both Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping.

The exhibition is public, free of charge, and accessible all year round. Follow the exhibition pathway by following the points marked on the map at each campus.

Map over the exhibition Walk the talk - station Solar Revolution, Campus Valla. Photo credit LiU-Tryck

Map with coordinates

Solar Revolution

Solar cells on the roof

Location: Campus Valla, A Building, Entrance 17, take the staircase above the café.

Solar cells at the roof of the Building A.Solar cells at the roof of the Building A. Photo credit: Filip Wiltgren

The A Building on Campus Valla is partly powered by energy from the building’s own roof. Up here, a large amount of electricity is generated annually. Which can, for example, correspond to many hours of studying on laptops. LiU together with property owners is working to continuously expand solar cell installations on our campuses.

Solar cells

Location: Campus Norrköping, Kåkenhus Building

Industrilandskapet contains many successful examples of a daring combination of old and new. The solar cells at Kåkenhus integrate new technology with traditional surroundings and contribute to a deeper experience of Industrilandskapet. The facility is used at LiU for education in solar cells and high-power electronic devices. The students can compare various types of solar panel and carry out experiments to examine, for example, angles of incidence and the effects of shadows. The facility can be used by the various research groups that are developing new types of solar panel and other ways of harvesting energy. The facility contributes to the property's energy supply and reduces the need for purchased electricity. LiU, together with property owners, works to continuously expand solar cell facilities on our campuses.

Solar cells on the roof at Kopparhammaren 2 på Campus Norrköping.Solar cells on the roof at Kopparhammaren 2, Campus Norrköping. Photo credit: Thor Balkhed

Research area at LiU

Walk the Talk