Linköping University invites young professionals from the Western Balkans to apply for SeGRID. This course includes an online module scheduled for May and June, followed by a on-site module in Sweden during 25 - 31 August.

The aims of the course

Striving for a e-government, characterised by resilience, innovation, and democracy is key to evolving a sustainable public administration. The Swedish Institute Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) offers a course (SeGRID) designed to enhance skills in democratic digital governance, combining interactive learning with theoretical and practical insights.

Digitalisation has proven to benefit public sector efficiency, address democratic challenges, promote sustainability, and reduce corruption. However, improperly integrated digitalisation in state-building can reduce social and political engagement and undermine state legitimacy. To address this, researchers in the field of digital government from Linköping University, Sweden, have developed an interactive course focusing on the complexities and opportunities of digitalisation in democratic governance. This team brings extensive experience in addressing digital governance issues, collaborating with Swedish municipalities and public agencies to meld theoretical knowledge with practical application.

The course explores the nuanced relationship between democratic governance and digital government, offering knowledge and tools to navigate challenges and seize digitalisation opportunities. With a focus on the Western Balkans, it also incorporates lessons from Sweden and provides networking opportunities within the region.

Are you ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century?

Who can participate?

We welcome all the key actors involved in the digitalisation of public administration and public services. Our course is targeted to:

  • Professionals in public administration, business, civil society and politics.
  • Who have a mandate to drive change in their organisation
  • Who are connected to the digitalisation of public services and public administration.


In order to be eligible, you also have to:

  • Be a citizen of one of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. 
  • Have a good command of the English language.
  • Have a relevant higher education (at least three years).
  • Be 25-40 years old (born 1984-1999). 

The advanced character of the lectures, the assignments and the discussions presume that the participants possess a certain knowledge of – and experience of - working with digital government or digital services. Otherwise, they should show an advanced interest in discussing digital government as an enabler in addressing challenges of democracy, transparency, equality, effectiveness, and resilience in a more sustainable public administration. They should also express an intention to apply the acquired learning and experience in their activities back home.


Practical Information

How, when and where?

  • Online in May - June
  • On-site in August in Sweden

Number of participants



The participation in SeGRID is free of charge and includes meals, accommodation and travel.


Linköping Valla Folkhögskola near Campus Valla, Linköping University, Linköping (on-site module in Sweden).

Language of instruction


Application period

Is closed now

Preliminary Programme

SeGRID the Western Balkans Programme 2024 (available soon)


Questions about the application: Contact the Project team at Linköping University,

How to apply

Application for 2024 is closed

Application form and documents

To apply for SeGRID at Linköping University you need to complete the application form.

You must also upload the following four documents in addition to the application form.

  • Letter of Motivation
  • Letter of Reference
  • English language certificate
  • CV Europass

The templates are found at SI.

Requirements for uploaded documents

Name the files with the course Western Balkans (WB) and your name. For example: WB John Johnson.

Please notice that without these four documents your application will not be complete and will not be considered in the selection process.


The documents must be uploaded before the deadline 7 April, kl. 23:59.

More information about the SAYP programme is found at SI for Western Balkans.

In the application form we ask for contact information and personal details of relevance for the course, like area of work and residence. We will conduct a brief online interview for the selection process and a meeting link will be sent to your email address.

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