Degree certificates and verification of studies at Linköping University

Digital degree certificates

All degree certificates at Linköping University are digital. The degree processing is handled by the Study Administration Office on behalf of all faculties. The student downloads his/her degree certificate directly from Ladok. The digital degree certificate can easily be sent to other recipients.

Degree requirements

What are the requirements for different degrees?

Here you can find Linköping University's regulations for general degrees (only available in Swedish).

(§2 Beslut om föreskrifter och allmänna råd om examensbenämningar och preciserade krav för generella examina.pdf)


Can I obtain multiple degrees with the same prefix and major? For example, two Bachelor of Arts degrees with a major in computer science.

No, that is not possible.

Can I obtain more than one degree at the same level?

For most degrees, it is possible if you fulfill the requirements for two degrees at the same level with different majors or different prefixes (for example, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts).

Can I reuse courses in multiple degrees?

Yes, it is possible. Please note that you cannot reuse courses that have been included in a bachelor's degree for a master's degree. Different rules apply to professional degrees; you can generally reuse courses from a bachelor's degree in a professional degree.

Can I add courses to my degree after it has been issued?

No, you cannot add courses to an already issued degree. You can obtain a transcript from Ladok for students with all the courses you have completed.

Can I use parts of an unfinished course in my degree?

Courses that are part of a degree should, as a rule, be fully completed with a passing grade. A partial course can be included in the degree if it is clearly definable, meaning it is examined separately, is academically delimited, has distinct learning objectives, and its content is described in the course syllabus. Please contact for an assessment of the specific partial course.

I studied a long time ago. Can I still obtain a degree?

Some types of degrees have been discontinued, but it is sometimes possible to use old courses in a new degree. For further questions, please contact

I have studied courses at multiple universities, where do I apply for my degree?

You apply for your degree where you completed your last course or where you have completed the majority of your education, including the thesis course. If you have studied at different universities, the concerned institutions can agree on which one will issue the degree. When applying for the degree in Ladok for students, make sure you are logged in to the correct university.

How to apply for your degree certificate

How/where do I apply?

The application is made through Ladok for students. You can also access Ladok for students through Lisam.

What should I consider during the degree application?

All courses that should be included in the degree must be completed in Ladok. Please make sure that the email address in Ladok for students and the title of your thesis are correct. More information can be found in the degree application section of Ladok for students.

As a researcher, what should I consider during the degree application?

Before applying, you should check that the decision "All courses completed for the doctoral degree" if you are applying for a doctoral degree, or "All courses completed for the licentiate degree" if you are applying for a licentiate degree, is registered in Ladok for students. If this information is missing in Ladok for students, please contact your supervisor.

The doctoral thesis/licentiate thesis must have been reported as completed by your department. You select courses and individual commitments to be included in the degree according to your individual study plan and the general study plan. Verify this with your supervisor. You can choose to include more than 240/120 credits (doctoral/licentiate) if they are part of your doctoral education. During the application, select the degree in the subject you are admitted to and the appropriate prefix. All degrees are translated as Doctor of Philosophy, but the prefix differs in Swedish. If you are unsure which Swedish prefix to choose, contact your supervisor.


I cannot access Ladok for students/my LiU-ID has expired. How do I apply for a degree certificate?

Here is more information on possible login alternatives.

You can also contact to get help with submitting your degree certificate application.


I don’t have a Swedish personal identity number. How do I log in to submit my degree application?

If you can no longer log in to Ladok for students, please contact to get help with submitting your degree certificate application.

Do I need to attach any documents to the degree application?

In most cases, you do not need to attach any documents regarding decisions made at Linköping University, but there are exceptions. More information is available when you apply for the degree in Ladok for students.

What is the processing time for a degree certificate?

The processing time varies throughout the year. Between June and December, when most students apply for their degrees, it takes about 3 months but can sometimes take longer. Between January and May, it takes about 4 weeks. If we have any questions or need additional information, a degree officer will contact you.

Can you prioritize my application? Where do I submit a request for that?

According to a decision from the Vice-Chancellor, there is a prioritization order at Linköping University (only available in Swedish).

If you belong to priority group 6, you can submit a request here.

Since I received a digital copy of my degree certificate, where is the original?

The digital decision in Ladok is the original. There is no paper original.

How do I know if my application has been received and is being processed?

When you apply in Ladok for students, you will receive a case number, which serves as a confirmation that your application has been received. You can check the status of your application in Ladok for students.

Once submitted, can I make changes in my application?

You cannot change your application after it has been submitted. Contact for assistance. Please do not submit a new application.

Degree certificate

What does a degree certificate from Linköping University look like?

At Linköping University, digital degree certificates have been issued since December 2018. The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English within the same document. The degree certificate specifies the degree you have completed, the main field of study and the included courses. This accordingly to a decision made by the Vice-Chancellor (only available in Swedish).

Also included is a Diploma Supplement. This attachment describes the education in English and its place in the education system, enabling international comparisons, for example, in connection with applications for studies/employment abroad. Find more information here.

What's a Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document describing the qualification it is issued with and the education system to which the qualification belongs. Diploma Supplement is issued in English. Read more at the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Why is only Linköping University’s logo, and not the seal, included on the degree certificate?

Until December 2023, there was no digital version of the seal. For that reason, the seal could not be applied to a digital document.

On degree certificates issued from 1 January 2024, a digital seal will be included on the front page.


How is my name written on the degree certificate?

For individuals with a Swedish personal identity number, Ladok for students retrieves personal information from the national population register (folkbokföringen). The name as registered in the population register at the time of processing your application will be printed on the certificate.

For individuals with a temporary personal identity number, the name displayed in Ladok for students will appear on the certificate. If the name is incorrect, please contact before you apply.

How do I receive my finalized degree certificate?

If your degree certificate is issued after 1 January 2024, you download your degree certificate directly from Ladok for students. When the degree certificate is ready, you will receive a notification to the email address you have registered in Ladok for students. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your email address in Ladok for students is correct before you apply.

Can I receive a paper copy?

The degree certificate you download from Ladok for students is a representation of the decision on your qualification that is stored in Ladok. Therefore, you can download the degree certificate as many times as you want, and the information will always be identical to the current decision on the degree.

If you require a verified paper copy, for example for an authority abroad, please contact 

I received my degree on paper, can I get a digital degree instead?

No. The Archive and Records Management Office can provide a scanned PDF copy of your degree. Please, contact them at

I have lost my degree certificate; can I get a new copy?

Yes, you can. If you have a degree certificate on paper (issued before December 2018), you can contact the Archive and Records Management Office at If you have a digital degree certificate issued before 1 January 2024, please contact If you have a digital degree certificate issued after 1 January 2024, you can re-download the document from Ladok for students

Can I get help translating my degree?

All degree certificates issued by Linköping University are bilingual in both Swedish and English. We cannot assist with translations into other languages.

I need an apostille on my digital degree certificate. What should I do?

Contact and request a verified paper copy of your degree certificate. Afterward, you must contact a notary public who can provide the apostille.

How do I open the PDF file with my digital degree certificate?

To open your digital degree certificate correctly, first download the PDF file and then open it using a PDF reader. If you open the file with a PDF editor, there is a risk that you may not be able to access it, as the document is not allowed to be edited.

Verification of Degree Certificates and Digital Signatures

How does the digital signature/e-stamp work?

The degree certificate is digitally signed, indicating that it is an authentic document issued by Linköping University.

The signing service used by Linköping University is time limited. This means that even though the copy of the degree certificate is valid, the signature will become invalid after a certain period. In such cases, you can contact to obtain a new signature if needed.

From 1 January 2024, the degree certificate will receive an e-stamp. The e-stamp shows that the document comes from a credible source and has not been tampered with.  The degree certificate has a final page with information regarding the e-stamp and how to verify its authenticity.

Is this degree certificate authentic/has the person graduated from Linköping University?

In order to verify a degree certificate and/or studies at Linköping University, please contact

How do I share information about my degree certificate?

Log in to Ladok for students and obtain an access code for sharing information about your degree certificate. By sharing the access code, you enable the recipient (e.g. an employer) to access details about your degree certificate and its content.

Here is more information on how to share your degree certificate.


Other Questions

I need a transcript regarding my studies, what do I do?

You can download a transcript of records from Ladok for students. All transcripts that you download as a student are verifiable. The documents contain a verification code and a link to a website where they can be verified.

For further questions regarding other transcripts, contact

I need a transcript of records but can no longer access Ladok for students. Can you help me?

For more information on possible login alternatives, please visit

If you have any further questions, please contact  


I am a foreign student without a Swedish personal identity number. How do I get access to Ladok for students once my studies are completed?

It is important that you keep your LiU Account (LiU ID) after you have completed your studies to ensure access to Ladok for students. Those who have completed courses of at least 30 credits or have been awarded a degree from LiU may retain an alumnus account, which means that the LiU ID is retained, with limited access. Read more about closure of accounts and alumni accounts at Liunet for students.

Also ensure that you keep on getting information from LiU, i.e. forward your LiU-mail to an e-mail account that you read regularly.

Can I get a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

GPA (Grade Point Average) is not used in Sweden, as indicated in the Diploma Supplement attached to your degree certificate.

I have changed my name. Can I get a new degree certificate?

No, new degree certificates are not issued due to a name change.

Since I graduated, I have a new identity. Can I get a new degree certificate with my new name and personal identity number?

Yes, contact and we will help you.

Can I graduate with a temporary personal identity number (T/R-nr)? How/where do I change to a Swedish personal identity number?

Yes, you can graduate with a temporary personal identity number, but you cannot later receive a new degree certificate with a Swedish personal identity number. If you already have a Swedish personal identity number, make sure it is registered in Ladok for students before applying for the degree certificate. You request to change your temporary personal identity number by filling in this form.

How do I register for the graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Science and Engineering? Where do I go?

Contact the Faculty of Science and Engineering directly, as they organize the ceremony. 

Can I receive a course certificate upon completion of the course?

You can log in to Ladok for students and download a transcript of records. If you want a course certificate, you should not apply for a degree certificate.

How do I obtain my diploma of certification from the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) or my license from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen)?

Contact the authority for your profession for assistance with your application.