Digital Degree Certificates

Linköping University issues digital degree certificates.

The original PDF-file is filed at the university, and a copy is sent to the student by e-mail. The certificate contains digital signatures, to verify that it is an authentic document issued by Linköping University. This enable students to send a proper certificate by e-mail or through online application services.

The signature services that Linköping University use are limited. This means that even though the copy of the degree certificate is valid, the signature will become invalid after some time. The student can contact the Office of Degree Administration for a new signature if needed.

Information for recruiters

All digital degree certificates issued by Linköping University are digitally signed. There are two kinds – those issued before 2021-05-01 and those issued since 2021-05-01.

The degree certificates issued before 2021-05-01 contain two digital signatures. This is to ensure all our degree certificates are signed in a safe and legally binding way. By checking the signatures, you can see that no changes have been made to the documents as well as which organisation the certificate was issued by. The first signature is issued by Comfact. The second signature is issued by Linköpings universitet/Student Division.

The degree certificates issued since 2021-05-01 have one digital signature via eduSign. The certificate can be validated at The link is also available on the last page of the degree certificate.

If you have any questions regarding our digital degree certificates, please contact the Office of Degree Administration,

Information for students

When finishing all courses you apply for a degree certificate through the Student Portal. Your digital degree certificate will be sent to the email address found in Ladok.  

Digital course certificates

A digital course certificate is issued as a PDF-file and is sent to the student by e-mail. The certificate is digitally signed, to verify that it is an authentic document issued by Linköping University.

Transcript of Records

All students can extract and print Transcript of Records by themselves, including an electronic version that is verifiable online that may be used for instance when applying for a job. There is a code on the document that is used for verification. If you need to verify a student’s merits and don’t have access to the electronic transcript, then the university can verify either by phone or email or send a transcript on paper.