The annual Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University is open to all recently graduated students. Bring family and friends to celebrate your academic achievement!
Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping Concert & Congress Hall, 27 November 2021. Photo credit Peter Holgersson

30 November 2024

Who are invited?

We are welcoming students who have graduated from undergraduate and postgraduate education (not PhD studies) of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. We are sending out invitations to 2024 graduates only, since they are the ones we have current address information for. Earlier graduates may also join the ceremony, but if you are one of them you need to contact us first. Graduates are not restricted to a specific Ceremony – it is perfectly fine to attend a future event.

After completing all programme courses, you must apply for a degree certificate from the Office of Degree Administration. They need your application no later than 31 August to ensure that your certificate is ready in time for the November Ceremony. For further information on how to apply for a degree, please go here.

Registration is mandatory for attending the Ceremony and the dinner.


Linköping Concert & Congress Hall, the Crusell Hall and the Garden Restaurant
Konsistoriegatan 7, Linköping

Dress code

Suit in the colour of your choice or a nice evening gown, skirt, or trouser suit – long or short. We also love to see traditional Swedish costumes.

Diploma Ceremony

The Ceremony is led by our Director Festivitatis. Diplomas are presented by the Dean/the Pro Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Afterwards we join in a celebratory toast.

Please note that the Ceremony is in Swedish.


The Ceremony is free of charge.


Graduates must RSVP in order to participate. Graduates may invite any number of guests to the Ceremony.

Set times

After registrations are closed, we will decide in November whether there will be one or two Ceremonies. Set times will then be posted here and via e-mail. We recommend that you already plan to arrive at the Concert & Congress Hall at 10am om 30 November.

6-9pm: Dinner

In the evening there is an optional studentesque dinner at Restaurant Garden in Linköping Concert & Congress Hall, with a current or former Faculty of Science and Engineering student acting as toastmaster. There will be entertainment and speeches by LiU students, staff and alumni.


Adults: SEK 800
Children up to 12 years: SEK 350

The price includes one glass of sparkling wine for the ceremonial toast, starter, main course with wine, and coffee/tea with sweets.


Our ambition is to let every graduate participate in the dinner along with three guests. Unfortunately, the restaurant has a limited capacity and seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. In your confirmation e-mail we will inform you how many seats we have reserved for you and your guests.


There will be a seating plan. We are trying to seat graduates with their families and adjacent to other graduates from the same programme.

9:30pm-1am: Night-time mingle and dance

Celebrations will continue throughout the night with live music courtesy of student bands. Expect spontaneous dancing, laughter and networking opportunities!


Registrations are now closed. 
Deadline for registration was 6 November.

Should you wish to cancel your dinner reservation, let us know as soon as possible. Dinner cancellations beyond 15 November will not be eligible for a refund.


Why do I have to finish my degree such a long time in advance of the Ceremony?

It takes up to three months for us to process a full application. The processing time is often longer during the summer and autumn, due to high workload. Your application must then be registered in LADOK so that we can send out the invitation. After registering your reply, we will order your diploma which also has to be printed and signed. A list of attendees is then forwarded to Linköping Concert & Congress Hall and the restaurant so that they can plan the event in detail.

Can I receive more than one diploma?

The official degree certificate that is sent to you contains all of your degrees. At the Ceremony you will receive a diploma with one of your degrees. The diploma belongs to the Ceremony and is only given out there. Should you cancel, you have an opportunity to participate at an upcoming event. We are not sending diplomas by mail to graduates who are not attending the Ceremony.

Can there be two Ceremonies on the same day?

Yes – if there are too many graduates to accommodate all of you on stage in the Concert & Congress Hall, we will arrange two Ceremonies on the same day. You will be informed two weeks ahead of 30 November which Ceremony you are supposed to participate in, as well as rehearsal times. However, graduates should already prepare to arrive at the Concert & Congress Hall at 10am on 30 November.

Is it possible to swap ceremonies?

Unfortunately, no – due to extensive preparations there is no room for changes.

Why do graduates have to gather at the Concert & Congress Hall such a long time before the Ceremony starts?

Before the Ceremony starts, you have to practise: walking in and out, possibly also a change of stage, as well as receiving your diploma. A dress rehearsal makes the Ceremony run smoothly.

Do I have to be dressed up when arriving at the Concert & Congress Hall?

Not necessarily, however please be aware that there is limited time and space to change afterwards.

What should I wear?

A suit in the colour of your choice. A white shirt and tie, or bowtie. Ladies should wear a nice evening gown, skirt, or trouser suit – long or short. We also love to see traditional/national costumes and dresses. You are also welcome to wear a technology hat” (teknologmössa) if you own onePlease note that student party committee/peer student dress suits are not acceptable.

When should relatives and guests arrive at the Concert & Congress Hall?

We recommend that relatives and guests arrive at the Concert Hall at least 45 minutes prior to the Ceremony.

Can I bring children to the Ceremony?

Yes, in general children are welcome. It is however important that they are well-behaved, out of respect for graduates and others who are taking part in the event. The Ceremony lasts around 90 minutes and it can be difficult for young children to sit still and be silent for such a long time. If you can arrange with a babysitter it might be a good idea.

Do I have to attend the dinner after the Ceremony?

No. The Ceremony and the dinner are two separate events.

When will I receive my confirmation?

We will send the confirmation to your e-mail address in mid-November. The confirmation holds information about your degree title, the ceremony you will participate in, your dinner reservation, and payment instructions.

Can I pay online?

Yes. Our bank giro number is 5050-0016. State your full name and personal identity/co-ordination number. Please also put ”Graduation Ceremony” in the free text field.


Faculty of Science and Engineering