How are socio-cultural discourses connected to environmental issues? What is the relation between nature and culture? What are the linkages between social and environmental justice? In this course, you'll explore the intersections of environmental science and gender studies.

Feminist Enviromental Humanities, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2024, Full-time, Distance

Will open for late application 15 July 2024

During our five weeks together in this course, we will delve into the origins and developments of the field of environmental humanities before investigating what, exactly, is “feminist” about it.

Explore transdisciplinary, humanities perspectives on environmental issues

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to principal concerns and scope in the growing field of environmental humanities and to articulate its relationship with intersectional gender studies.

Throughout the course, you'll explore concepts such as ecofeminism, posthumanism, and postcolonial environmental critique. As this course consolidates environmentally oriented work within traditional humanities disciplines, we will employ different types of materials, ranging from visual artworks and videos to blog posts and traditional academic sources. We'll examine topics such as environmental violence, embodiment, environmental justice, biodiversity, consumption and sustainability, environmental art, and ecological grief through the course material.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
•    Define basic terms and concepts associated with environmental humanities.
•    Explain how this field interacts with perspectives from gender studies.
•    Observe, analyze, and interpret details in texts to communicate well-founded conclusions in both written and oral form.

Establish a solid ground in environmental humanities

This course is tailored for individuals who wish to delve into environmental concerns through the lens of feminist theory and gender studies. It's suitable for those seeking to build a foundation in this field whether it’s for future academic pursuits, research endeavors, or career development.

An interactive online course

The course is conducted in English and is delivered online. It includes recorded lectures, interactive online seminars, and group assignments. Self-study will also be a significant part of the course.

Studying via distance