Welcome to the Student Health Care at Linköping University!

The Student Health Care offers help with questions and problems that concern your health, your wellbeing, and your studies. The subject of the consultation need not be your studies, but may be something that affects them in one way or another. No questions are too small, too big, or unacceptable.

You can come to the Student Health Care for consultation, advice, and courses and workshops that help you to achieve change, development and wellbeing. Being ‘healthy and happy’ is a firm basis for successful studies. We aim to ensure that the waiting time is sufficiently short so that you can rapidly get the help you need. And if we cannot answer your questions, we help you to contact someone who can.


Anna Nilsen


The Student Health Care offers individual consultations, courses, workshops, and telephone consultations – and everything is free of charge.
All personnel are highly qualified and are bound by professional confidentiality.

For LiU students

Student Health Care at Liunet

If you are a student at LiU , you can find more information on the student intranet Liunet student

Book an appointment

At Liunet student, you can book appointments for individual sessions with the Student Health Care.

Remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it! 

Telephone counseling

You may also contact us by phone:

013-28 10 00

Weekdays: 1.00PM -2.00PM


Campus Valla

Student Health Care at Campus Valla is located in Studenthuset

Campus US

Student Health Care at Campus US (University Hospital Campus) is located in building 511/001 

Campus Norrköping

Student Health Care at Campus Norrköping is located in the Kåkenhus building


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