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Do you have a disability or special needs that affect your ability to study? LiU offers education assistance to students with disabilities and special needs. Don’t wait till your studies begin, get in contact with our coordinators today.

Photo credit: Gran BillesonStudents who require education assistance, who have been accepted to study at
Linköping University, are advised to get in touch with our student coordinators who can assist you in arranging support during your studies.

An individual assessment of the support required is made considering your needs in relation to the curriculum of your chosen studies. You may be entitled to the following services:

  • Support with note-taking by a fellow student
  • Talking books
  • Extra time during examinations
  • Alternative examination forms decided by the examiner
  • Free text-to-speech software (TorTalk)

Please note that we cannot assist you with accommodation, transport service, technical equipment, or aids and assistance outside the university setting. This support is the responsibility of the social welfare system in the municipality where you live, please contact the municipality you will live in if you have more questions about the services available.

ERASMUS Exchange students:

Please contact your disability coordinator and/or the international office of your home university regarding the possibility to apply for an extra ERASMUS grant to cover any extra costs for support that may arise during your exchange. You should also contact the study counsellor at the department concerned and the coordinator of your exchange programme to plan your studies at Linköping University.

More information

For more information, contact our coordinator on your future campus (details below). 

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