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Alma Persson

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Division

Gender in organizations and working life

As a gender researcher with a great interest in organizations, I work with questions about gender relations, norms and working conditions. In my research, I have been particularly interested in how gender and equality are done in male-dominated organizations.

In my dissertation, I studied gender relations in the Swedish Armed Forces, and what happened to ideas about women, men and soldiers in the transition from a national defense force to an international operational defense. Since then, I have continued to follow the Armed Forces, both with a focus on gender and LGBTQ issues. The two research projects I am currently participating in focus on the gender-neutral conscription that is currently taking shape in Sweden, but also on gender and security work in a broader Nordic context.



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Academic degree

• 2020
Associate professor (Docent) in Gender Studies, Linköping University

• 2011
PhD in Technology and social change, Linköping University. Dissertation: “Changing boundaries, defending boundaries. Gender relations in the Swedish Armed Forces.

• 2002
MSc in Social and Cultural Analysis Program, Linköping University


• 2018
Senior lecturer, Gender Studies, Linköping University

• 2013
Assistant senior lecturer, Gender Studies, Linköping University

• 2012
Acting senior lecturer at the Department of Economic History and International Relations, Stockholm University

• 2005
Doctoral student, Technology and Social Change, Linköping University

Management assignment

• 2019
Head of Department, Gender Studies, Linköping University

• 2017
Director of Studies, Gender Studies, Linköping University