Professor in Solid Mechanics

I am a professor since 1992 and acted as head of the Division of Mechanics between 1994 and 2014. I got my PhD degree in Solid Mechanics in 1985 on a thesis dealing with contact and friction problems in linear elasticity (involving finite elements and mathematical programming). Somewhere around 1990 I became interested in structural optimization, which is still a main research area. I have also dealt with Biomechanics in different forms.

I am currently involved in the following research projects:

  • Cut Finite elements, geometry, and optimal design. Financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). This project involves researchers from the universities in Umeå, Linköping and Jönköping
  • Centre for Additive Manufacturing – Metal (CAM2). A competence centre at Chalmers financed by VINNOVA. My responsibility concerns topology optimization
  • Multiphysics topology optimization for design of gas turbine components by additive manufacturing. Financed by the Swedish Energy Agency
  • Innovative redesign and validation of complex airframe structural components formed by additive manufacturing for weight and cost reduction. EU financing through the Clean Sky program
  • SWE Demo - Next Generation Structures, System, Integrated Sensors and ATM technologies for Commercial Aviation Market. Financed by VINNOVA and Saab. I am involved in a work package that develops topology optimization tools for repair of cracked structures


Other activities include:

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