Division of Solid Mechanics (SOLMEK)

Mechanics is one of the fundamentals of engineering science. It deals with motion and equilibrium of bodies. Solid mechanics considers all aspects of the behavior of deformable bodies under loads.


Our teaching includes basic mechanics of particles and rigid bodies, as well as basic solid mechanics. We also offer a large number of advanced courses in, for instance, continuum mechanics, finite element methods, mechanics of materials, multibody dynamics, structural optimization and biomechanics.

Do you have a thesis project at a company?

If you have a thesis project at a company and need an academic supervisor and examiner in the fields of Mechanics or Solid Mechanics, contact
Stefan Lindström, director of studies, stefan.lindstrom@liu.se


The interests of the Division of Solid Mechanics include theoretical and computational aspects of continuum mechanics, structural mechanics, multibody dynamics and thermodynamics. In particular, research is performed in the subfields of structural optimization, biomechanics, structural integrity of air vehicles and high temperature mechanics.

Recent publications


Oscar Pacheco Roman

Evaluation of Finite Element simulation methods for High Cycle Fatigue on engine components

Student thesis

Henrik Karlsson, Joakim Gustavsson

Stabilitetsanalys av ledstaplartruck med avseende på tippning: En FEM-baserad metod för heltrucksmodeller

Student thesis

Henrik Alm Grundström

Developments in Topology Optimization in the ADDMAN Project




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