Division of Solid Mechanics (SOLMEK)

Mechanics is one of the fundamentals of engineering science. It deals with motion and equilibrium of bodies. Solid mechanics considers all aspects of the behavior of deformable bodies under loads.


Our teaching includes basic mechanics of particles and rigid bodies, as well as basic solid mechanics. We also offer a large number of advanced courses in, for instance, continuum mechanics, finite element methods, mechanics of materials, multibody dynamics, structural optimization and biomechanics.

Do you have a thesis project at a company?

If you have a thesis project at a company and need an academic supervisor and examiner in the fields of Mechanics or Solid Mechanics, contact professor
Jonas Stålhand, jonas.stalhand@liu.se


The interests of the Division of Solid Mechanics include theoretical and computational aspects of continuum mechanics, structural mechanics, multibody dynamics and thermodynamics. In particular, research is performed in the subfields of structural optimization, biomechanics, structural integrity of air vehicles and high temperature mechanics.

Recent publications


Max Ahlqvist, Kenneth Weddfelt, Viktor Norman, Daniel Leidermark (2023) Probabilistic evaluation of the Step-Stress fatigue testing method considering cumulative damage Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 74, Article 103535 Continue to DOI
Ahmed Azeez, Daniel Leidermark, Robert Eriksson (2023) Stress intensity factor solution for single-edge cracked tension specimen considering grips bending effects Procedia Structural Integrity, Vol. 47, p. 195-204 Continue to DOI
Ahmed Azeez (2023) High-Temperature Durability Prediction of Ferritic-Martensitic Steel

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Autumn at the Campus Valla and bikes.

Research at IEI holds a high standard

Stanford University has recently released an updated list of the top two percent most cited researchers globally, and it is gratifying to note that once again, several distinguished researchers from IEI are represented on the list.

Graphic illustration.

IEI researchers among the world´s most cited

Stanford University has recently published an update of the list of the two percent most cited scientists in the world. And again several researchers at IEI are on the list.

Male international student from India

Bala from India got UTMIS stipendium

"It has been great to study at LiU" an experience worth leaving my "comfort zone". Balas master thesis project is about composites and solid mechanics, an important topic for a sustainable future in the car- and aircraft- industry.


19 January 2024

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Engineering Mechanics: Dženan Hozić  

10.15 am – 12.00 pm Acas, A Building, Campus Valla, Linköping. 

Dženan Hozić, at the Division of Solid Mechanics, Department of Management and Engineering defends his thesis entitled "Simultaneous Topology and Material Optimization of Composite Structures under Uncertainty". Supervisor is Carl-Johan Thore, Senior Associated Professor, LiU. Opponent is François-Xavier Irisarri, PhD, ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab. The event is open to the public. Language: English.