Photo of Andreas Ruschkowski

Andreas Ruschkowski

PhD student

My long-standing background as a folk high school teacher in certain vocational education programs has raised questions about how their national governing documents are understood and implemented in local teaching practice.


My thesis focuses on the vocational education programs at folk high schools in Sweden, which, according to the program member organizations' national policy documents, must be based on a "scientific foundation and proven experience". More specifically, the research interest is how this policy imported from the regular education system is created, interpreted, and implemented in the youth recreation leader and social pedagogue programs.

Beyond the thesis, another focus is directed towards primary school in Sweden and specifically how meaning is constructed within school-age educare centers. The interest of this research is to understand how school-age educare teachers and youth recreation leaders create meaning from their work and collaboration on teaching. This study is conducted in partnership with Carin Falkner, a senior researcher in school-age educare at Jönköping University, bringing valuable expertise to the project.



Andreas Ruschkowski (2020) Folkhögskolans utformning av vetenskaplig grund och beprövad erfarenhet: En mixad-metod studie med fritidsledarutbildningen i fokus


Andreas Ruschkowski, Magnus Dahlstedt, Andreas Fejes (2019) Shaping the democratic, relational, and reflective youth recreation leader International Journal of Lifelong Education, Vol. 38, p. 632-643 Continue to DOI