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Ankit Macwan

Principal Research Engineer




Niklas Boknäs, Cia Laine, Andreas Hillarp, Ankit Macwan, Kerstin Gustafsson, Tomas Lindahl, Margareta Holmström (2022) Associations between hemostatic markers and mortality in COVID-19-Compounding effects of D-dimer, antithrombin and PAP complex Thrombosis Research, Vol. 213, p. 97-104 Continue to DOI


Mikael Lund, Ankit Macwan, Kjersti Tunströmer, Tomas Lindahl, Niklas Boknäs (2021) Effects of Heparin and Bivalirudin on Thrombin-Induced Platelet Activation: Differential Modulation of PAR Signaling Drives Divergent Prothrombotic Responses Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, Vol. 8, Article 717835 Continue to DOI


Niklas Boknäs, Ankit Macwan, Anna L. Södergren, Sofia Ramström (2019) Platelet function testing at low platelet counts: When can you trust your analysis? RESEARCH AND PRACTICE IN THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS, Vol. 3, p. 285-290 Continue to DOI
Ankit Macwan, Niklas Boknäs, Maria Ntzouni, Sofia Ramström, Jonathan M. Gibbins, Lars Faxälv, Tomas Lindahl (2019) Gradient-dependent inhibition of stimulatory signaling from platelet G protein-coupled receptors Haematologica, Vol. 104 Continue to DOI


Nidhi Shrivastava, Ankit Macwan, Hans-Peter E. Kohler, Ashwani Kumar (2017) Important amino acid residues of hexachlorocyclohexane dehydrochlorinases (LinA) for enantioselective transformation of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers Biodegradation, Vol. 28, p. 171-180 Continue to DOI