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Annika Silvervarg

Associate Professor




Isabella Ågren, Annika Silvervarg (2022) Exploring Humanlikeness and the Uncanny Valley with Furhat ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Article 29
Annika Silvervarg, Kristen Blair, Maria Cutumisu, Agneta Gulz (2022) Assessment of students' feedback behavior in agame-based automated feedback system: A cross-cultural replication study Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Computers in Education, p. 292-301


Emma Mainza Chilufya, Annika Silvervarg (2021) The Black Box of Virtual Agent Design: A Literature Review of User Involvement at the IVA Conference
Annika Silvervarg, Rachel Wolf, Kristen Pilner Blair, Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz (2021) How teachable agents influence students responses to critical constructive feedback Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Vol. 53, p. 67-88 Continue to DOI


Sam Thellman, Annika Silvervarg, Tom Ziemke (2020) Some Adults Fail the False-Belief Task When the Believer Is a Robot HRI20: COMPANION OF THE 2020 ACM/IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN-ROBOT INTERACTION, p. 479-481 Continue to DOI