Human-Centered Systems (HCS)

The research and teaching at the Division for Human-centered systems (HCS) at the Department of Computer and Information Science is highly interdisciplinary.

E-government research groupHuman-Centered Computing: We do research and teaching on human-computer interaction, multimodal interfaces including natural language and augmented reality, interaction and service design, collaborative and social computing, as well as ubiquitous and mobile computing, and accessibility.

Cognitive Science: In this field we do research and teaching on distributed and situated cognition, cognitive ethnography, learning technologies, and design cognition. We also do research on artificial intelligence including knowledge representation, machine learning, and natural language processing. In cognitive systems we cover human factors, cognitive ergonomics, man-machine interaction as well as command and control, emergency and disaster management, safety management, and resilience engineering.

Information Systems: In this field, the research and teaching focuses on decision support systems, data mining, and the world wide web including semantic web, ontologies, description languages, searching, applications and services. We also have research on information retrieval, such as document representation, personalization and search interfaces, retrieval models, ranking, retrieval tasks and evaluation of retrieval results.

Applied Computing: Areas of research include document management and text processing, aerospace, services, healthcare, games, trainings simulations, education, command and control, and computing in government and military domains.



Latest publications


Sara Nygårdhs, Christer Ahlstrom, Jonas Ihlstrom, Katja Kircher

Bicyclists adaptation strategies when interacting with text messages in urban environments

In Cognition, Technology & Work

Article in journal

Marina Santini, Wiktor Strandqvist, Mikael Nyström, Marjan Alirezai, Arne Jönsson

Can We Quantify Domainhood?: Exploring Measures to Assess Domain-Specificity in Web Corpora

In Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 903. Springer, Cham

Conference paper

Jonas Lundberg, Mattias Arvola, Carl Westin, Stefan Holmlid, Mathias Nordvall, Billy Josefsson

Cognitive work analysis in the conceptual design of first-of-a-kind systems - designing urban air traffic management

In Behavior and Information Technology

Article in journal

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