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Anna Lundberg

Senior Research Coordinator

Our research focuses on the perturbed immune system in coronary artery disease. We study stress, inflammation and atherosclerosis in regard to the function and proportion of white blood cells.


In our research we study the balance of the immune system in coronary artery disease. Inflammation is important for the development of atherosclerosis. 

We study stress and inflammation in coronary artery disease patients (CAD) after stress tests, both physical and psychological. The material used is mainly blood, saliva and bone marrow. We study the function and proportion of different immune cells. The cells we are mostly interested in is different types of T-cells, NK-cells, monocytes and neutrophils.

Our general aim is to increase the knowledge about the perturbed immune system and the loss of immune homeostasis in CAD patients and thereby, identify new and more individualized diagnostics and therapies.

Example of methods that I use in our research:

  • Flow cytometry for analysis and cell sorting
  • Molecular biology techniques
  • Cell isolation and cell culture
  • ELISA and Luminex


Telefon: 010-103 6547


About me


  • Master of Science in Medical Biology 2002
  • PhD 2009

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