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Björn Johansson

Senior Associate Professor

Organizations dependence on well-functioning Information Systems is increasing. I research and teach about how businesses develop through organization, management and control of digitalization and development of supporting Information Systems.

IT/Information systems

My research and teaching deals with topics around organizing, managing and controlling IT/Information systems in different businesses.

More or less all businesses and organizations and those who act in them are currently dependent on well-functioning IT/Information Systems. Historically, IT/Information Systems has often been acquired through in-house development or the purchase of license-based systems. These, in turn, have often been handled by an internal IT-department or someone with a special interest in IT. As IT and Information Systems has evolved, so has the way of providing IT/Information Systems changed. Currently, more and more is now being delivered as a service and this has meant that the organization, management and control has changed radically.

My research and teaching revolve around issues that can be deduced from this radical change. Questions I find interesting are, for example: How integration of data / information between different systems is handled when in different systems, and who is responsible for the integration work? Issues around this area include both development, implementation, use and effects of IT/Information Systems, but also that the business as such develops in accordance with the context when the context means that acquisition and use of IT/Information System in organizations increasingly consists of externally delivered services.

Research program



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