Photo of Carl-Fredrik Westin

Carl-Fredrik Westin

Visiting Professor




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David Abramian, Martin Larsson, Anders Eklund, Iman Aganj, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Hamid Behjat (2021) Diffusion-Informed Spatial Smoothing of fMRI Data in White Matter Using Spectral Graph Filters NeuroImage, Vol. 237, Article 118095 Continue to DOI


Teresa Nordin, Peter Zsigmond, Sonia Pujol, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Karin Wårdell (2019) Combined white matter tracing and electric field simulation for deep brain stimulation - evaluation in patients with essential tremor
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Jonas Lundberg, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Mattias Arvola, Stefan Holmlid, Billy Josefsson (2018) Cognitive work analysis and conceptual designing for unmanned air traffic management in cities Proceedings of the 36th European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE'18), p. 1-4 Continue to DOI