Department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT)

In close collaboration with the medical technology industry and medical clinics we work to meet the needs in healthcare. Since 1972, we have been a national center for research and graduate and undergraduate education in medical technology. 

We strive towards being a catalyst for sustainability in future medical systems and innovations – an arena for leading international researchers and teachers where new knowledge is created and dispersed

Our research and education centers around biomedical optics, ultrasound and bio-acoustics, modeling and simulation of physiological processes, neuro-technology, knowledge-based decision support systems as well as signal and image processing methods.

Upcoming events at IMT
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Research at the Department of Biomedical Engineering
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Doctoral studies
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Postgraduate studies at the Department of Biomedical Engineering are characterized by their multidisciplinary profile, where research and education takes place at the meeting place of medicine and technology. The aim of postgraduate education is to provide broader and deeper knowledge within the field of medical technology and specific knowledge in the dissertation field, as well as providing research experiences and skills in research methodology.

Undergraduate education
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We educate bachelor level engineers and master level engineers. This is done both through the degree program in biomedical engineering as well as in collabotation with other engineering programs. The proximity to the hospital allows for field trips, demonstrations and laboratory work in clinics. Experts from the hospital often are hired as lecturers in their areas of expertice. 

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Find your way to IMT
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IMT has its premises at Campus US. Our administration as well as the majority of our researchers are located in building 462. The easiest ways to find us are via the Campus US Main entrance (entrance 65) or via entrance 71.

Entrance 65
Walk past Delimarche on the left and follow signs for IMT down the stairs. When you get to the lower floor follow the corridor straight ahead until it divides. You will then find stairwells and lifts to IMT directly on the left side.

Entrance 71
Enter the corridor through the doors to the left immediately after the entrance. When the corridor divides you find stairwells and lifts to IMT right on the right.

Our neurotechnology researchers can be found in house 006, the easiest way to get to them is via entrance 54.

Entrance 54
Go straight ahead and then left through the IT department's premises. Follow signs for IMT, Neurotechnology.


Contact us
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Department Management



Visiting addresses

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Building 462, entrance 71 or 65, floor 11-13
Building 006, entrance 54, floor 11
Campus US

Postal address

Linköping University

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Campus US
SE-581 83 Linköping