Division of Biomedical Engineering (MT)

Through the development and integration of medical research and education with health care and industries, we contribute to increased quality of life in a global perspective.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University is a national center for research, education, and innovation in Biomedical Engineering. Our activities are driven by the society’s healthcare needs and are conducted in close collaboration with the biomedical industry and hospital clinics.

Our main goal is to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in the biomedical engineering innovation systems of the future - an arena for leading international researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and students - where new knowledge is created and disseminated. Through development and integration of biomedical research and education with the health care and the business community, we contribute to enhanced quality of life on a global scale.

Our research activities

Our latest publications


Thobias Romu

Fat-Referenced MRI: Quanitaive MRI for Tissue Characterizaion and Volume Measurement

Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Janne West, Thobias Romu, Sofia Thorell, Hanna Lindblom, Emilia Berin, Anna-Clara Spetz Holm, Lotta Lindh Åstrand, Anette Karlsson, Magnus Borga, Mats Hammar, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard

Precision of MRI-based body composition measurements of postmenopausal women


Article in journal

Ruben Cubo, Mattias Åström, Alexander Medvedev

Optimization-Based Contact Fault Alleviation in Deep Brain Stimulation Leads

In IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering

Article in journal

Jin Liu, Tuan Pham, Hong Yan, Zhizhen Liang

Fuzzy mixed-prototype clustering algorithm for microarray data analysis

In Neurocomputing

Article in journal

Jens Sjölund, Anders Eklund, Evren Özarslan, Magnus Herberthson, Maria Bånkestad, Hans Knutsson

Bayesian uncertainty quantification in linear models for diffusion MRI

In NeuroImage

Article in journal