Division of Biomedical Engineering (MT)

Through the development and integration of medical research and education with health care and industries, we contribute to increased quality of life in a global perspective.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University is a national center for research, education, and innovation in Biomedical Engineering. Our activities are driven by the society’s healthcare needs and are conducted in close collaboration with the biomedical industry and hospital clinics.

Our main goal is to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in the biomedical engineering innovation systems of the future - an arena for leading international researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and students - where new knowledge is created and disseminated. Through development and integration of biomedical research and education with the health care and the business community, we contribute to enhanced quality of life on a global scale.

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Alberto De Luca, Andrada Ianus, Alexander Leemans, Marco Palombo, Noam Shemesh, Hui Zhang, Daniel C. Alexander, Markus Nilsson, Martijn Froeling, Geert-Jan Biessels, Mauro Zucchelli, Matteo Frigo, Enes Albay, Sara Sedlar, Abib Alimi, Samuel Deslauriers-Gauthier, Rachid Deriche, Rutger Fick, Maryam Afzali, Tomasz Pieciak, Fabian Bogusz, Santiago Aja-Fernandez, Evren Özarslan, Derek K. Jones, Haoze Chen, Mingwu Jin, Zhijie Zhang, Fengxiang Wang, Vishwesh Nath, Prasanna Parvathaneni, Jan Morez, Jan Sijbers, Ben Jeurissen, Shreyas Fadnavis, Stefan Endres, Ariel Rokem, Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Irina Sanchez, Vesna Prchkovska, Paulo Rodrigues, Bennet A. Landman, Kurt G. Schilling (2021) On the generalizability of diffusion MRI signal representations across acquisition parameters, sequences and tissue types: Chronicles of the MEMENTO challenge NeuroImage , Vol. 240 Continue to DOI

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