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Christian Berggren

Professor Emeritus

Latest publications


Solmaz Filiz Karabag, Christian Berggren (2023) Dynamics of Catching Up: Exploring National, Sectoral, and Ownership Influences in Two Emerging Economy Firms Journal of Management & Organization Studies, Vol. 8, p. 121-176 Continue to DOI
Christian Berggren, Solmaz Filiz Karabag (2023) Are efficient nuclear power projects possible? Lessons from Fenno- Swedish history Kvartal.SE, p. 1-3 Continue to DOI
Christian Berggren (2023) Crises, Prolonged War, Sectoral Growth Opportunities Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research, Vol. 13 Continue to DOI


Christian Berggren (2020) Sonderweg -The strange departure of Sweden from the Nordic model, Vol. Dec 19
Christian Berggren (2020) Så blev Sverige Landet Annorlunda, Vol. Dec. 19