Photo of Christofer Sundström

Christofer Sundström

Associate Professor, Docent




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Kristoffer Ekberg, Lars Eriksson, Christofer Sundström (2021) Electrification of a Heavy-Duty CI Truck-Comparison of Electric Turbocharger and Crank Shaft Motor Energies, Vol. 14, Article 1402 Continue to DOI


Christofer Sundström, Alexey Voronov, Olof Lindgarde, Adam Lagerberg (2019) Optimal Speed and Gear Shift Control of Long-haulage Trucks IFAC PAPERSONLINE, p. 471-477 Continue to DOI
Daniel Jung, Christofer Sundström (2019) A Combined Data-Driven and Model-Based Residual Selection Algorithm for Fault Detection and Isolation IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 27, p. 616-630 Continue to DOI